Weekly WordPress Wrap-up: 8 Jan 2013

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We’re back!

Hope some of you had a relaxing yet enjoyable Christmas and New Year break.

This is our first Weekly WordPress Wrap-up for 2013. We have found some interesting blog posts related to building WordPress sites, to share with you. We hope you find them either useful or just enjoyable to read. They are in no particular order.

1. 30 WordPress Themes for Freelancers

If you are a Freelancer, you may find this blog useful. Especially if you are just getting started and looking for ideas.

If you are new to WordPress, then this ‘Getting Started with WordPress‘ link will be particularly helpful (from installing to posting in WordPress)

2. 11 Free WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Site for 2013

Blog post on improving your site using the these some of these free WordPress plugins.

3. The Best WordPress Multilingual Plugin, WPML

For those who are looking at building and running a Multilingual site. You may want to check this blog post out.

4. How To Check Your Site or Blog’s Health

Checking for basic problems that may be causing inefficiencies to your site.

5. 5 Powerful WordPress Plugins to Help Prevent Content Theft

Useful post on how to protect your content.


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