Weekly WordPress Wrap-up: 11 DEC 2012

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A little late this week but nevertheless, here it is. The┬ásecond of our weekly series rouding up interesting blog posts from around the web related to building WordPress sites…

This week, we start with -

A new WordPress release is available. WordPress 3.5 brings in lots of enhancements, as well as new user-facing features.

The Ideas plugin is a simple way to keep track of future post ideas and the links/inspiration that accompany them. The post also explains how to install and use the Ideas plugin.

This is a new feature of WordPress 3.5 – which makes it possible for you to pull in favourite plugins from WordPress.org.

It not only tells you what theme is being used on your favuorite site.

Quicktags are buttons that you can offer users to easily style their comments.

Basic guide which will help you to understand the whole process of installing WordPress theme from WordPress dashboard. Also, there is a quick recap of basic tutorials, which will help you to start using WordPress.

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