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Newswire is our latest theme. Designed with local news sites and newsy blogs in mind.

Taking a lead from news sites like the Huffington Post we’ve incorporated a big ‘ol slider on the home page. By default this slides the latest posts, but you can also use the core WP ‘sticky posts’ feature to flag those particular posts you want to feature in the slider with bold headlines and large format images.

The theme also features two customizable navigation menus, and we’ve added the ability to choose between a range of fonts, change the color scheme, upload your own logo and even add banners in the header and sidebar without touching the template code or adding any plugins. Check out the video demo…

The Newswire theme is released under the GPL V2 license.

446 comments on “The Newswire
  1. hello, thanks for the template i like it very much. i changed a few colors but i’m having issue modifying the slider. is it possible narrow the height? also some of the pictures seem to auto scale to size and my pictures are small so it looks pixellated. its not consitent throughout all slides. can we also choose how many slides we would like to use? right now i have 9, id like to change that to only 4-5?

    thanks again!

    • Hi Jonathan, anything is possible of course, just a matter of how hard or easy to change with CSS and template changes. I don’t know how experienced you are with html/css, but you might find this video useful on how to id parts of the style sheet which control various elements of a site design:

      If your images are smaller than the space given for the slider then it is stretch them to fit and they will look pixelated. Best to start with higher res images (though optimized for the web). You can control exactly how many posts appear in the slider by using the built in WordPress sticky posts feature. If you flag one post as sticky then the slider will only show sticky posts. Cheers.

    • Love this theme…I am a total novice in managing themes and though I am learning, coding is so complex to me. My issue is that readers of my blog cannot leave comments and in looking into some answers, I applied a suggestion I read to edit the Page template. I added the following to what I thought is the existing post div:

      Alas, this didn’t work.
      Any suggestion you can give me is appreciated.

      • Hmm, there is no need to edit any templates to enable comments. I suggest rolling back any changes you have made. If you are not familiar with HTML and WP theme coding is very easy to break templates. It sounds more likely to me that you simply have not enabled comments on your blog. You can do this under Settings > Discussion in the WP admin and then on the page level this can be overridden.

        • Thanks for your expedient reply. As you suggested, I have deleted the changes made in my page template. I am sorry I didn’t mention it before but comments have been enabled in my Setting> Discussion. But just in case, I checked it again to be sure and they are. Still, cannot leave comments. It simply takes the comments, submits it but nothing shows up.

          I am lost as to what else I can do.

          • Oh, I see…are the comments showing up in the admin for moderation? It might be that you’ve set all comments to require Admin approval before they are published, as we do here on this site?

  2. I cannot seem to get my image to show up on a page. I am using the featured image option. As well, my featured images are not showing up on the individual blog post. Only the Blog page

    • Hi Jenn, featured images are used in the theme on the blog home and archive pages. They are not added automatically to individual pages. We do this on purpose so you can control what appears on the archive pages and what appears in the post itself separately. Just use the media manager to add images to the posts and pages in the usual way.

  3. Hi there – I’m using your Newswire theme and it’s really great. Clean & simple. However, I’m trying to use contact form plug-ins to create a simple contact page, but the theme refuses to display the ‘submit’ button on-screen. The rest of the form shows up just fine. : ( Is there a plug-in that you recommend for use with this theme? Thanks!

    Also, the date is off by about 12 hours. I’ve set the timezone correctly in the general settings. Is there someplace else I missed?

    • Hi Jenn, that is a bit unusual. Which plugin are you using now? I’m happy to try it and see if I can replicate the problem. I always like to use Gravity Forms but it is a commercial plugin.

      Date shouldn’t be off assuming you’ve got the right time zone. But it does require the server clock time to be set accurately.

    • Hi Carolina, this will require some template code change…look for this code in the index.php template file, starting line 4…

      < ?php
      $args = array(
      'posts_per_page' => 10,
      'post_status' => 'publish',
      'post__in' => get_option("sticky_posts")
      $fPosts = new WP_Query( $args );
      $countPosts = $fPosts->found_posts;

      < ?php if ( $fPosts->have_posts() ) : ?>

      if ( get_theme_mod('newswire_slider_effect') ) {
      echo 'data-cycle-fx="' . wp_kses_post( get_theme_mod('newswire_slider_effect') ) . '" data-cycle-tile-count="10"';
      } else {
      echo 'data-cycle-fx="scrollHorz"';
      ?> data-cycle-slides="> div.slides" < ?php
      if ( get_theme_mod('newswire_slider_timeout') ) {
      $slider_timeout = wp_kses_post( get_theme_mod('newswire_slider_timeout') );
      echo 'data-cycle-timeout="' . $slider_timeout . '000"';
      } else {
      echo 'data-cycle-timeout="5000"';

      < ?php while ( $fPosts->have_posts() ) : $fPosts->the_post(); ?>

      " title="< ?php printf( esc_attr__( 'Permalink to %s', 'newswire' ), the_title_attribute( 'echo=0' ) ); ?>" rel="bookmark">< ?php the_title(); ?>

      < ?php if ( has_post_thumbnail()) : ?>

      < ?php else : ?>

      < ?php $postimgs =& get_children( array( 'post_parent' => $post->ID, 'post_type' => 'attachment', 'post_mime_type' => 'image', 'orderby' => 'menu_order', 'order' => 'ASC' ) );
      if ( !empty($postimgs) ) :
      $firstimg = array_shift( $postimgs );
      $my_image = wp_get_attachment_image( $firstimg->ID, array( 1000, 640 ), false );

      < ?php else : ?>

      < ?php _e('No featured image set for this post.', 'newswire') ?>

      < ?php endif; ?>

      < ?php endif; ?>

      < ?php endwhile; ?>

      < ?php endif; ?>

      Now, comment out, or remove everything between the opening and closing div, but leave that div in place. That will remove the slider but leave enough spacing above the rest of the content below.

      If you are not confident to make such a change yourself I recommend request a quote from Tweaky. It is a relatively simple job for a WordPress developer, we just don’t offer customization services ourselves.

  4. Hello,
    I’m using your template “newswire”, which is a easy to use template I must say. Unfortunaly I can’t discover how to use the slider option. I understand that the latest posts are shown, but it doesn’t work. Do I need to use a categorie?


    • Hi John, can you share your site? The slider will just show the latest posts (regardless of category), so I don’t know what is happening in your case. Are you setting featured images for each post?

        • Hi John, the slider only appears on the default blog style home page template, and can’t be inserted into any other page. It looks like you have created a static page and set it as the home page. If you go to Settings > Reading and check the option to display your latest post on the home page this should then display the slider.

  5. I really like the theme, however when I open my website on my iPhone, the title of my website is not fully displayed in portrait mode (in landscape mode, it works fine). It cuts off after about 12 characters, however my title is about 16 long. How can I change this?

        • Thanks. I see what you mean. The size of the title on mobile is controlled by the styles at the very bottom of the style.css file. You;ll see that there are sections for mobile screens up to 240px, 320px, and 480px which is where you have a problem.

          Look for the site-title css controller in each section and adjust the font size as appropriate. We don’t offer customization services ourselves, but you might find a local WP dev or someone on Tweaky who can do this for you if you need some assistance. Cheers.

  6. Hello,
    Very impressed with the template, we actually adopted this layout just yesterday and are beyond satisfied. One small request, is there a way for me to change where it says latest news to latest post? The layout is gorgeous, smooth and very easy to navigate so we will cope if this adjustment can’t be made but I figured I would ask as we are not a “news” site. Great work and I appreciate any suggestions!

  7. What about flipping the sidebar to be on the left hand side instead of the right for pages? Is that something that could be done?


    • Could be done but will require some changes to the CSS. We don’t offer customization services ourselves, but you could probably find someone on or Tweaky to help with this.

  8. Thanks for the theme.

    How can I decrease the height of the Header?
    Also, how can I decrease the height between the post title and the post content.

  9. Ok, all the above problem solved. As for the Submit button, I changed the css:

    .post-content input[type=submit] {
    display: none;


    .post-content input[type=submit] {


    deleted the display: none;

    • which CSS code did you edit, I can’t find this code either on theme editor or contact form 7 editor. Did anybody found a solution for the Submit button for this theme. I really like the theme! thanks

  10. Good day!

    I’ve installed the theme and I love it thus far. It really easy to use! The only thing is the html code I use to promote amazon with does not work in the banner codes area and will not show up. Just thought I should share that.


    • Hi KeAira, what does that code look like, ie. what type of Amazon banner are you using? I’m interested to see if we can address that.

  11. What size does the featured image need to be to perfectly fit the slider without stretching it? I see that the slider pictures used on the demo site are 967 x 467 pixels, but they are stretched a little in the slider.

    Also, how do I get my posts to appear on the actual category pages in my navigation instead of just on the homepage?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Danielle, use 1000px by 500px for the slider images. To get your posts to show up in the categories you have to add them to the categories. Looks like all your latest posts are “uncategorized”.

  12. Fantastic theme and I’ve customised it a wee bit to suit myself, but I’m having one wee issue. I installed a Newsnow button and I was getting an error when viewing it on mobile phones. I can send you a screenshot.

    • Hi James, happy to take a look though can’t promise to be able to help with third party plugins/code. Post your screengrab to and leave us a link here.

  13. Hi there,

    I’m trying to get rid of the grey-ish color that appears on the side bar (website, I’d like to make my entire background white, including the sidebar.


    • Hi NL, line 24 of the style sheet controls this color. Swap out the RGB reference for #fff. Please be sure to set up your theme as a child first if you are making local customizations so that future updates (and there will be some) don’t overwrite local changes.

    • Go to the Customize section in admin and play with the colors there. Looks like you may have already changed some of the styles so not sure how that will work out with the admin settings.

  14. I absolutely love the template, but I’ve got a large gap appearing between the end of the post with share buttons and the tags and comments. I don’t want folks to have to scroll down a huge distance to comment, but I can’t figure out where this gap might be in the CSS. Any advice you have would be great!

    • Hi Kristin, I think this is a clash between Jetpack and code we use to force embeds to go full width. It’s causing the Jetpack iframe to leave that space. We’re working on this and will release an update asap.

  15. I want to use a classic serifed typeface for the site title. I’ve played around with the CSS and added typefaces from Google but nothing changed.

  16. I have two issues with your newswire theme:

    1 – for some reason the creation date does not display correctly on posts.
    2 – the submit button on my contact form ‘refuses’ to show.
    I had a look at LAL’s solution, but that does not seem to do the trick in this case..
    I am using the fast secure contact form (

    Otherwise I think your theme is one of the best I have seen!

    • Hi Ignaz, thanks. The button issue will be resolved in update to be released soon. I’m not sure how to address the first issue. That looks like an encoding issue…will have to investigate further.

      • Hello Charles,
        after a lot of trials with different plugins I notice that both qtranslate as well as transposh work well with other themes. The conflict therefore appears to be with your theme.

        I rather like the social media button adder plugin that I have. I also need a translation tool and prefer transposh out of all the ones I have tried. Unfortunately using your theme I cannot run the social media adder and transposh using your theme at the same time as there appears to be some coding conflict between your footer and the plugins. For the time I have turned off transposh hoping you will have time to take look at your header and footer coding to see where the problem might be.
        Still think your theme is great!

        • Hi Ignatius, can you tell me which other themes you tested with qtranslate and transposh please. I’m keen to see how they are coding dates in the post meta data. We’re not doing anything unusual in this respect so I’d like to figure out what is different.

          • Hello Charles,

            I have now tested a rather large number of combinations in my ‘sandbox’. The date display problem seems to be a conflict between qtranslate and your theme. atahualpa works fine and so do a few others I have tested.

            I have however permanently canned qtranslate because of the clutter it leaves behind when you decide to turn it off. As far as translation is concerned, in my humble opinion transposh has everything else beat.

            As to social ‘share’ buttons…when I want to use Dave Neal’s simple share buttons adder plugin at the bottom of the page, I end up with superfluous html clutter between buttons. As soon as I widgetize the clutter disappears.

            This happens irrespective of theme. I am therefore stumped and will ask dave for help, since display of his plugin is what changes..

            The post date display fault because of some plugin conflict appears to be unique to your newswire theme…

            I look forward to your next update,

          • Hi Ignatius, can you tell me specifically what themes you have test with Transposh and have no problem with the date. I would like to look at these themes specifically to see how they are handling the meta data date. As I said I don’t *think* we are doing anything unusual but I’m keen to get to the bottom of this, so if you can tell me which themes it works with I’ll check those out.

          • Hello Charles,
            my apologies, I may not have explained clearly. The date display problem occurs only with qtranslate. There is no problem with transposh.

            qtranslate appears to have a few conflicts, which is why I discontinued use completely.

            There is absolutely no date display problem with transposh.

            I still have a problem when I want to use the simple share buttons adder at the bottom of a post with transposh activated. – that problem however has nothing to do with your theme. It is definitely a conflict between the two plugins.

            As far as your themes go I give them the highest marks! I have tested jurist as well.

  17. the submit button now appeared – I had edited out the display:none; in the wrong spot!

    Do you think you might be able to release a maintenance update??


  18. Hello everyone. This theme came along right at the right time for me, it was just what I was looking for. However, I’m having trouble with the social media icon plugins. When they are installed and active they leave a huge gab between the icons and the article.

    • Hi Sam, can you give me a screenshot or a link to a specific page where I can see the problem. Also, what plugin are you using for this?

  19. Hello there,

    You have an awesome theme, love it! Although the site does not look the same as it does in Internet Explorer as Google Chrome. Is this an IE issue? Or something we can fix? It looks great in Chrome though.

    Thanks for you help,


      • Never mind the previous questions, the site does not look good on IE 8 every other version is fine… maybe there is a fix for IE8?

        Also, is there a way to add a pages Featured Image to the slider? One more thing the date and time on the top left hand side of the page is incorrect.



        • Hi Allen, we still have some work to do on IE8. This will be improved in next version which will be released in next few weeks.

          No, there is no simple way to add a pages featured image to the slider, it only displays the latest posts. This would require some customization of the template. We don’t do customizations ourselves but you might try Tweaky if you need help with this.

          The date is set based on the time of your server and the time zone setting in WordPress (see General Settings).

  20. Hello Charles,

    Enjoyed the theme, I have only two problems.

    1 – I can not change the logo of the theme, follow the instructions for correct image size, only it does not work.

    2 – How do I show the pictures that I want on the slide?

    Very good work yours, thank you for providing this theme. Hugs.

    • Hi Dan,

      1. Looks like you have got the logo working. I see it on your site.
      2. The slider shows the latest posts by default, or if you use the sticky posts feature it will display posts flagged as sticky. The image used in the slider is the posts featured image.

      Hope that helps.

  21. I love this theme. Thank you. Two questions, and I apologize if they have been answered previously.
    1. Can the size of the slider be reduced?
    2. How do I reduce the number of categories shown on the sidebar when reading posts?

    Just an FYI: I do not know a whole lot about coding. So, the simpler the verbage, the better :-) Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle,

      1. There is no simple way to change this. You will need to adjust the CSS and possible the template depending on what you want to achieve. For simple CSS changes this video might help:
      2. There maybe plugins which will let you control this, but out of the box WP will simply show all the categories. The other option is to remove the category widget from the sidebar and perhaps replace it with a links widget inwhich you control just those categories you want to display.
  22. I’ve just checked this theme and it is great! It has a really good clean design, I love these sorts of templates. It is better than some of the premium themes sold out there. Thanks for development and keep up the great work.

  23. I absolutely love your theme and it suits my needs well. The issue is, my header image or the site-logo does not look the same in mozilla and chrome. In mozilla it looks exactly how i want it to look but in chrome the image is resized to an extremely small image.

    How do i fix this?

      • Very late on this. We had a similar issue, but the problem for us was the wrong image size. It was too big. It would almost show the whole size 1000 x125 size in FireFox and crunched down to the 300 x 100 in Chrome. Never did look at it in IE.

        • Hi David, as with the previous commenter I need some more details or ideally a link to your site where I can see the issue. Happy to take a look.

  24. Hi,

    I posted a comment here yesterday, and don’t see it, so I don’t know what happened.

    I really like this theme, but would rather use the slider for certain posts, perhaps posts in a category that I have called “featured,” rather than to use it for the top 10 latest posts.

    I looked through index.php, which looks like where the code is, but am not entirely sure what to change.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

    • Hi Brian, we hold all comments for moderation so they are not published immediately. And this is not the day job so just don’t get to them everyday :)

      You could edit the template file so that the theme only showed a single category in the slider, but I think that an easier solution is just to use WordPress’ built in sticky posts feature. The slider shows all latest posts by default, but if you mark a post as “sticky” then it will only display that post. Mark any given posts as “sticky” and only those posts will appear in the slider. This way you can control exactly which posts appear in the slider regardless of when they were posted or in what category.

      Does that help?

      • Hey Charles,

        That helps a little bit. I’m still not sure where in the template file to look at to change such things.

        By using stickied posts, any post that is marked as sticky would automatically appear before the newest posts, regardless of when they were posted, right? If so, that’s something I would rather hope to avoid, rather focusing on using a category that I have titled “featured” instead.


        • Hi Brian, if you use “Sticky posts” the sticky posts feature they will only be displayed in the slider and not at the top of the latest posts. Try it.

          • I apologize for the comment spam!

            Got the missing menubar solved (it disappears when you load the page wide then resize the window).

            Also readjusted the slider size.

            Just need to add the post dates.

          • Hi Brian, I gather you mean on the home and archive pages for the dates yes? It is indeed designed that way (looked too clutter with them), though post pages themselves do have dates.

          • Darn. It seems like it might’ve been nice to be placed under the category, right-aligned, with a similar design to the category label(s) itself.

            My last gripe is with single posts: there’s no featured image at the top. Any easy way of getting it back? My previous theme that used the featured image at the top of a single post did it in a rather confusing way.

          • Hi Brian, sorry the theme isn’t quite what you want. You are free to make any changes to the theme templates that you like. If you need help with this you can always find a local developer or try someone like Tweaky.

            We purposefully don’t put the featured image at the top of all posts as some people want it and some don’t. You can still insert any image you like into the post. It adds a manual step but makes the theme ultimately more flexible.

  25. Really love this template! very well designed.
    I can’t see images or video screen shot on the slider, just text.
    Is that what it should be ? I hope to be able to see the full post.



    • Hi Avner, you need to set the featured image for each post and this will be used in the slider. Ideally make the featured image around 1000 x 500px in size.

  26. Hi Charles and team, your template look awesome! Exactly what I need. I can’t seem to change the logo, when I upload the logo, it doesn’t show up just turns to a picture icon.

    Is there any reason why this happens?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Iris, I don’t know why that is happening. What kind of image are you uploading? Have you tried adding images to posts yet? I couldn’t see any other images so I wonder if you have some permissions issues on your upload folder?

      • Hi Charles, I found it strange too because I never had this issue before. No I couldn’t upload any images to any post either, I tried with my first post and didn’t work. Not sure why.

      • Hi Charles,

        I uninstalled wordpress and re-installed it and it’s now fixed. Thanks for pointing that out otherwise I thought I was going crazy.

        Awesome template, can’t wait to start blogging!


  27. Hi,

    I would like to get rid of the slider. It is wonderful, except that it keeps deciding random spots at which to crop my images and make them look bad. I am using high quality images, and have adjusted the size of the images several times to adjust to whatever cropping the slider is attempting, and it keeps cropping and/or pixelating them at will. I even have two separate posts with the same exact image and one is pixelated and ugly, and the other looks fine. I have played with this for over an hour trying to make it work, and it just doesn’t. I also tried the above suggestion for removing the slider, and when I removed the code listed above, it completely killed my page – my main URL became a white page with nothing on it. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Jess, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. Are you setting the featured image for each post and using that to control the image that is used for the slider? I ask because if two posts both had the same image set as the featured image it isn’t technically possible that the slider would treat them differently. If you have not been setting the featured image for each post then I highly recommend doing that. Crop your featured images to 1000 x 500 and they should look pretty good.

      We don’t offer customization services ourselves, but you might try Tweaky if you need some help making local changes to the theme.

  28. I love this theme, but I think there is an error in the category code. It seems that every post on the main page shows the categories of the latest post, not their own individual categories. Can you provide any quidance on what I can edit to get this fixed? Thanks!

    • Hi Dr. Jones, did you get this sorted? When I look at your site all the posts on the home page seem to be categorized individually.

      • Yeah, I don’t know how it got fixed. It wasn’t anything I did myself. I have an automated script that keeps my database clean and I’m also running supercache. Either my tables needed a fixup or it was something with my cache. Guess I’ll never know, but again, thanks for a great clean theme!

  29. Hi there,

    First of all, I have to say I love this theme. Wonderful. Thank you.

    I am seeing an issue with images on the home page on IE8 on Windows XP. The images are stretched vertically. Image display works perfectly on Safari on Mac (Mavericks) and also is perfect on Chrome on XP.

    You mentioned in an earlier post that you still have some work to do on the theme for IE8. Is this issue on your radar?


  30. Hi there,
    Thanks for the theme. It’s absolutely wonderful.

    Can you help me out with the slider? It seems the lower half of the pictures are missing. What can I do about this?

    Furthermore, is it already possible to change the height of the slider?
    That would be a great feature.
    And can I change the size of the font that appears on the slider?


    • Hi Jelle, to fit the slider well your featured images should be cropped to 1000 x 500.

      You can change other parts of the theme such as the slider height and font size, but this will require some changes to the CSS and possibly the template depending on what you want to achieve. We made a video a while back on how to find the parts of the style sheet which controls different elements. This might be helpful:

  31. Love the site. I am inserting pictures from the gallery, but they are not coming on the front slider. Is there something specific I should be clicking on to get the pictures to show?

    Thanks – the site is great!

    • Hi Gary, the home page slider just slides the latest posts (or sticky posts if you use that feature). Set the featured image for each post (1000×500) and they will be used for the slider.

        • Hi Gary, can you give me a specific example? Perhaps you could take a screenshot and share via

          Images in the main slider will look best if you crop them to 1000×500 before you upload and set as the featured image. Images that display below that under Latest News all look pretty good to me with the exception of the studio shot which is just not a great quality photo.

  32. hi charles!

    i rarely find a theme i like without having to make a bunch of changes, but this one is really nice. is it possible to turn off the ‘categories’ widget? it doesn’t show up in my widgets area where you can drag things to and from.


    • Hi Caroline, yes you can control which widget appear in the sidebar no problem. The theme displays the category widget on post pages by default (if nothing else is purposefully set), but if you just drag over those widgets you do want to widget area in the admin it will override the default behaviour and just display the widgets you have chosen to display. Make sense?

  33. Hi,
    great theme, which we love to use! As it is a multilingual site, we added the widget WP translate. This worked fine for our first 8 blog posts, but is now refusing to work for No 9. So I tried a couple of changes in the settings, and one made me think that it is a problem of the theme rather the translate widget: After limiting the number of posts in the slider by making a few of them sticky, the translate widget wouldn´t even translate the home page anymore; after removing the “sticky” feature, it would translate the home page again, but as before not the latest blog post. Any ideas why?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Katrin, I’m a bit stumped by this. I don’t really know how the WP Translate plugin works, but I can’t think of anything in the way the theme is put together than would cause any issues. Am I right that some of your posts are in Russian and some in English? Could this confuse the plugin? I know when I tried to translate the site in to English all the English content disappeared.

  34. Just updated to the latest version. I think the post formats- video, quote, etc, may have some flaws. The last version worked really well, but after an upgrade, videos posts no longer display the videos. Quotes posts do not contain titles.

    I can get videos to display by changing the post type to an image post, but if that is placed below a quotes post, it doesn’t appear that the quotes post encloses itself properly.

        • OK. We’ve looked at the code and the only issue we can see is that the script which looks for the embed code was looking for “http://…” but viewing your embeds they don’t appear to have the “http:”, just starting “//…” – We’ve updated the script to handle this which might solve the problem. We couldn’t replicate the issue with quote posts. Have you made any customizations to the templates and/or CSS?

          • OK, that’s pretty minor change and you wouldn’t expect it to cause any issues, but have you tried rolling back to see if you inadvertently broke some code?

  35. Hi. I’m just customizing the newswire layout. Really like it so far, it’s a good layout for my needs. I would like to remove the date in the upper left corner. Is there a simple way to do that?


    • Hi Susan, sure is. You can edit the header.php template file to get rid of this. Keep in mind if you are customizing CSS and/or template files you should set up the theme as a child first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes.

      • Hi Charles,
        Thanks for the reply! I’m not at all familiar with coding, so am now compiling a list of small tweaks to make, and will contact to see if they can do the changes for me. Thanks for posting a link to the tweaky site!

    • Hi Maram, you can do anything you like! To replace the home page with a static page, just create a new page and assign it as the home page under Settings > Reading.

    • Hi Joseph, you’ll need to edit the theme template (header.php), where you can add in the tagline hook or just hard code your text. If you do customize your template please be sure to set up the theme as a child first so future updates don’t overwrite your local changes. If you need help with all this you could try Tweaky for low cost WP support.

      • @ Charles,

        i think my question was not clear, what i want is to add a website description aligned with the website title on the right corner of the webpage in the location of the advertisement.

        • Hi, have you tried adding you content to the banner code field (see Customize options)? That field will accept any old HTML including text.

      • Hi

        I’ve used your method to find the CSS elements and made some changes to the height attribute, but the slider remained the same size. Am I missing a step in changing the slider size?

        • Hi Adeline, I don’t know what you have changed so it’s impossible to say what still needs doing. If you need professional help I suggest looking for a local developer or perhaps try Tweaky to get a quote for making such changes.

          • Hi Charles,

            I’ve actually managed to change the sizes after I’ve had a second look at it after some sleep (and coffee). :) turns out I missed out changing the slides-noimg attribute

            Thanks for the help, and the lovely theme too. :)

  36. Hello!

    I love the theme thank you for this :) I am trying to place adsense code inshaallah the banner area. It’s been over 24 hours and the ads are not showing up. I checked the code and it seem that some parts of the script is missing even though I am pasting it all.

    Thanks for you help!

  37. Charles – it’s a beautiful theme and responsive too! The only that stopped me from using is is that i wanted to remove the slider and I was thrilled to see your answer above.
    I am a little confused about what to comment out – is it this? just want to be sure before I activate your theme.

    if ( get_theme_mod(‘newswire_slider_effect’) ) {
    echo ‘data-cycle-fx=”‘ . wp_kses_post( get_theme_mod(‘newswire_slider_effect’) ) . ‘” data-cycle-tile-count=”10″‘;
    } else {
    echo ‘data-cycle-fx=”scrollHorz”‘;
    ?> data-cycle-slides=”> div.slides” >

    • Hi Chellie, you want to comment out everything inside the div id=”slide-wrap” (which opens on line 4 of index.php), so that means everything from line 5 to 69 inclusive.

  38. Hi Charles,
    I’am using this beautifull theme for my new blog ( thanks!), but i have a big problem with the site title on IE11;
    I replaced it by a logo, and the display on ie is enormous we just see a part of it. (the display is ok on Safari and Chrome)
    I tried to remove it and put a simple title instead of, but nothing happened anymore. My logo is still there even if i submit the changes.
    How can i have a good display of my logo everywhere?
    thank you for you help

    • Hi Aurélie, can you post a link to the logo file itself? I’m curious the dimensions of the image you uploaded.

      BTW, I see you plain site title (with no logo), so I think that issue is just a matter of your changes being cached locally or by your ISP.

    • Hi Les, I’m not sure what’s happened there. Did you make any template changes? If not then I would guess you’ve added some html to the sidebar which has caused this.

      If you did edit a template then I’d suggest rolling back that change and seeing that fixes it. If not then I’d suggest looking at the HTML in your Subscribe widget…looks like that could be the cause.

      • Success!

        I deleted the “Related Searches” widget and then readded it. Once I did that, the formatting came back. Very strange, but it seems to have solved the issue.

        Thanks again for your support!

  39. Hi Charles, as for the site logo, I want it to stretch completely across the header. I tested the theme earlier and when I uploaded the 1000×400 logo it stretched all the way across. But now it won’t and I am using the same image

    • Hi Anothony, I can’t really help without being able to see the site in development. Did you add any code to the header banner area? That might mess with things.

    • Hi Rolf, look for line 92 in the index.php template file. You can change this there. Please do set up your theme as a child first if you are making such changes though, to ensure that future updates don’t overwrite your local customizations.

  40. Hi there,
    Love your newswire theme. Do miss options for footers and full with banner, is there an easy way to add them? Would love to use your theme if there is…

    • Hi Djoeke, I’m not sure what you mean by “options for footers and full with banner”. What kind of footer options? Where do you want a full width banner? We will be adding to the theme in the future, but you can always get customizations done on Tweaky.

      • Hi Charles,
        The banner I was referring to would need to function as a header, top page, full with. In terms of footers I would like to include 3 widget spaces at the bottom. I was wondeting how to (easily) include them in the theme…

        • Hi Djoeke, you can try uploading a full width banner image as a logo like this user did:

          Adding widget spaces to the footer would require some template customization which I wouldn’t describe as ‘easy’. You could probably find someone on Tweaky to do this, or a local WP developer.

  41. Dear sir,
    yes i saw that , but it is not helping as using that code is not helping removing the photo slider.
    It would be great if you can provide us the exact coding in the index.php so that we just have to copy paste all the coding.
    hope you do the needfull.
    and yes the theme is awesome,its really great a simple and nice one.

    • Hi Rohitashva, I can’t be any more explicit than I was in the comment above. It is as simple as removing or commenting out lines 5 to 69 of the index.php template. If you are not sure how to do that then I suggest you find a local WordPress developer to help or try Tweaky.

  42. How difficult would it be to only show posts in the slider that have a featured image? I’ll pay some one on Tweaky if it’s not too difficult. Also, future suggestion to have that option would be nice!

    • Hi Dan, that’s doable…I guess the question of how hard that is to do depends a bit on who you ask :) I’d describe it as a medium level of difficulty. I’m sure you can find someone on Tweaky. If you only want to display certain post in the slider you can just flag those particular posts as “sticky” using the regular WordPress sticky posts feature. We set this up so you can use this to profile certain posts regardless of when they were posted. As soon as you flag one post as sticky it will appear in the slider in place of the latest which are always displayed below anyway. Hope that helps.

    • Yes, you’ll need to edit the header.php file to do this. Please set up the theme as a child first so that updates don’t revert your changes.

    • Hi Marko, you’ll have to edit the template files to do this, specifically the header.php, sidebar-home.php and sidebar-posts.php files. Please be sure to set up the theme as a child first so that future updates do not overwrite your local changes.

  43. Hihihihi Charles,

    Did you have the chance to take a look at the google not showing up?

    If you go on my site and check the code at the you see below that it’s showing only a portion of the adsense script even though I pasted all the script.

    • HI Caroline, yes, we found a bug which was causing this issue. We’ve fixed this and submitted an update to Should be available for install in the next week or so.

  44. Hi,

    First, I would like to say that the style of this template is very good. Thank you!

    I am new to wordpress and have limited experience. So I apologize if my questions are basic :P

    I have a couple initial questions:
    1. How can I get a post category to appear in the menu bar? – It seems that ‘pages’ only appear on the bar with the black background.
    2. How do you get the ‘closed’ blockquote?

    Thanks! RJ

    • Hi RJ,

      1. Go to Appearance > Menus and create a custom menu. Apply it to the main navigation area and you will be able to control exactly what links appear in the nav. The default is just pages, but you can add whatever you like using a custom menu. Here’s a how to video: – it is a bit old now, but the basic principles are the same.
      2. Not sure what you mean here. Blockquotes are styled to display the opening ” on the right, but this is just a stylized way to present the blockquote, it doesn’t add a closing “. o chnage this you’d need to mess around with the style sheet.

      Hope that helps.

  45. Hai charles, is that possible to remove any widgets in side bar on main and home screen? i already remove all widgets, but categories, latest post and archive always shown up.

    and also if i open in mobile, is that possible to open all menu? right now it just onlu one menu, then i have to click it to open all menu i have. :)


    • Hi Eka,

      To display no widgets you can drop in an empty text widget to the home page sidebar under Appearance > Widgets. But in this case the sidebar will still be there it just won’t display any content which may not be ideal. The menu is purposefully designed to collapse on smaller browsers to better fit the smaller screen sizes. You can undo this by changing the responsive styles in the CSS.

    • Hi Kitty, you’ll need to edit the content-single.php template file. Look for the div class “entry-meta”. Comment out or delete this entire dive to remove the meta data above the post title on the posts pages. Specifically that is everything on lines 4-6 (inclusive). When making local changes like this you should set up the theme as a child first so that future updates do not overwrite your local changes. Hope that helps.

  46. This is probably just something I’m overlooking, but I’m rather new to wordpress and am unsure about how to do it. In your demo, the words wrap on the smaller pictures on individual posts. When I insert the picture, I don’t see an option for wrapping the text.

    By the way, this is a fantastic looking theme: clean, readable, and professional looking.

    • Hi Rasby, when you insert an image into the post you have options to align the image right or left. Choose either of these options and size the image appropriately and the text will automagically wrap around the image. This isn’t a theme feature, it’s just standard WordPress functionality.

  47. Your theme is very good & simple but I am still unclear about one matter in connection with the use of images. Even if I delete a photo from the post/featured image, it does not get deleted from the site. I then have to go to the Media tab of WordPress and delete it also permanently from the Library. Is this normal?

    • No, if you remove a featured image or an image from a post it will be removed from the site. If it isn’t removing then it maybe a matter of clearing your local cache, or perhaps you ISP caches content on their network?

  48. Hey Charles, thanks for the quick reply. I shall wait and see because our website has just been launched…though I did clear my browser cache several times already, and also worked in other browsers too.
    One more problem: In the Space for Google Ads, it keeps throwing up this error (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); in both the slots. The ads are not flowing through from Adsense.
    But the ads are being pulled in a separate Ad sense WP Plugin we have installed for below every post.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Sorab, actually you are not doing anything wrong with the google ad code. There is a bug in that banner handling feature which will be addressed in the next update due in a week or so. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  49. Just a little update… on uploading 300px wide previews as featured images, and removing the slider, Im getting some decent site load times already. Down to about 2 secs in general. GT Metrix gives it an A for desktop (92%) and B for mobile (82%), and Google gives it a rating of 87% for desktops and 72% for mobiles. All those ratings are pretty respectable, and there are other improvements I will make, so they will improve.

    Looking forward to the update to the banner bug. Have you tested it with Adsense responsive ads? They seem a little unpredictable, but they cut out a lot of hassle for webmasters :)

    • Hi, we’ve just submitted an update of the theme to WordPress. This update fixes a bug with the banner code which will address that problem. We’ve also changed the way the theme uses featured images on archive pages to reduce load times when large images are used. The solution you mention here is also a good approach.

  50. Hi, I thought I should let you know of a compatibility issue between this theme and the Responsive Lightbox wordpress plugin ( Installing and activating the plugin and then clicking any empty area on a website (or even just clicking on the windows start button) causes the theme background to darken and prevents anyone from navigating a website. I have deactivated the plugin on my site which has fixed the problem.

  51. I’m using Newswire Theme – and would like to have a different featured image on each page. It’s a traditional website – static front page. But the featured images aren’t going up. I have put the image in the library. I have attached the image to a page. Still won’t work. What can I do? (I have also tried several plug-ins to get around this problem, and they don’t work. I deactivated them all.)

    • Hi Cynthia, without being able to see you site I’m not quite sure what it is you are trying to do. When you say you have attached images to a page, do you mean you set the featured image for each page or do you mean you added an image to the actual page content? Featured images are used by the theme for blog archive pages, but if you are creating static pages you still need to add the image into the actual content for it to display, We do it this way to give users the ultimate flexibility when it comes to laying out the content of static pages.

      • The site is (servers were down, but are up now.) Yes – i set a featured image for each page and in the media settings “attached” the image to the page. – OK I understand I must put it into the page content… I don’t quite get it, I wanted the image to be across the entire page beneath the navigation bar – if this will do it, that would be great.

        • OK. Thank you – I’ve got the image in there – looks like on my contact page I need to resize the image – make it come up higher. And I see on my home page I need to reinstate a headline into the white space.
          Just to be clear – don’t use the featured image? just put it in the static page?

          • Apologies for another email.
            I can’t have “home” on my landing page – If I insert css to be rid of it I get some awkward white space. How can I insert another headline into this space? (not Home)
            Thank you so much. It’s a great theme – I’m just not skilled with the details.

          • Hi Cynthia, it looks like you have figured out how to change the headline. To place an image on your pages you do need to insert these into the content of the page. You’ll want to resize and crop images appropriately. If you want to do something more or different you could try Tweaky for some professional help. We are not able to provide customization services ourselves, but any skilled WordPress developer will have no trouble with the theme.

  52. Charles, sorry to bother you with another question which is probably the result of my limited knowledge of WordPress.

    The only problem I’m having currently is that while the images in the individual posts look fine, some of the images re-size and look fine, but others must re-too large because only part of the image shows in the slider. Do you have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

    • Hi Rasby, this is because the images in each post display in their native dimensions, but the slider is a fixed dimension so it has to automaticaly try to crop and resize images to fit. Of course this doesn’t always look so good which is why we use the featured image for the slider. Best practice with the Newswire theme is to resize and crop a version of your image for each post to 1000 x 500px and then set this as the featured image for the post. You can then insert the original image to your post in what ever dimensions you want. Here’s a video on how to set the featured image for a post:

      This does add a step but gives you the ultimate flexibility to set the featured independant of the content in the post…you can even use a completely different image for the slider if you want.

      Hope that helps.

  53. I have added adsense code into the Banner codes section, but the banners are not showing up. I added the code a month ago. Why is this not working?

    • Hi Sara, there’s a bug in the code with the current version. We’ve just submitted a new version to WordPress to fix this. Should be available to install in the next week.

  54. Charles,

    I can see that the last few posts I’ve put up show in the slider but what about the items I built in the “Slider” category in the wp dashboard? 1.) How do I get them to show up? 2.) Can I get them to “override” or push to the front or be more important then post pics? 3.)There are five circles at the bottom of the slider, if I publish 5 sliders in the slider category will they simply fill up the slider bar?

    • Hi Caine, the slider by default displays the latest 10 posts from all categories. Having a “slider” category shouldn’t make a difference unless you’ve customized the template yourself? You can override the default behaviour of the slider and control exactly what posts appear by flagging those special posts as “sticky” using the native sticky posts function in WordPress. This way you can feature certain posts in the slider regardless of when they were posted.

      • What about the SLIDER category in the wp dashboard? It has a little pin next to it. You can “build” a slider in there. I have built a slider or two inside that category but they are not displaying in the slider bar it self. Not sure why…

        • Hi Caine, I’m afraid I don’t know what the slider category is. It isn’t a feature of our theme and I don’t think will have any impact on the slider in our theme. Have you got any other slider plugins installed?

          • That was it. Thank you. I removed the “Corpo” plug in (which came with another theme) and the dashboard line item blinked out. :)

  55. Hi,
    I’m using The Newswire theme for my school project. It’s so amazing and clean, I love it. It was working very well until I tried to customize widgets on the sidebar then the slider disappeared leaving a downloading circle behind. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  56. Fair play Charles, Ive been manually making/adding a second copy of all images to use as featured, so this will save me a lot of hassle, and will be good for rankings too! Looking forward to the update, any idea about WordPress schedules for adding updated themes?

    I just noticed that you also done the Surfarama theme, another beautiful responsive layout! Have you plans to submit an update for that with the high resolution images issue sorted too? I have another site which Im just about to go over to tune it speed-wise, so would love to not have to add all those images again :)

    • Hi, no idea about the WordPress schedule sorry. Updates are normally handled within a week, so I’m expecting it to go live by the end of this week.

      With regards to the Surfarama theme we don’t have any plans to issue any updates at this time, but will look at this for the next round. In the meantime I suggest you talk to Solid Web Design who are talking credit for the design so perhaps they can help.

  57. I am new to this and do not understand wordpress a lot, I am having a problem with the Nav, bar, home, about us, etc. could someone please help me and also the two menus.. what does this mean.. Is there a tutorial.. my catagories are not showing up either.. I am disabled and have a problem trying to get this going, it is for a site on being disabled.. Please help.

    • Hi Talmadge, I’m not sure how much I can help without being able to see the site you are setting up. The site link your provided doesn’t have this theme enabled. I can tell you that the theme displays all pages in the nav by default, but you can manage the navigation menu yourself. To do this you need to login and go to Appearance > Menus, create a new menu, then assign it to the primary menu spot. The theme also has a secondary menu which appears the very top of the page next to the date for secondary navigation, eg. privacy, terms and contact links etc. To manage this you create a second custom menu and assign this to the secondary navigation spot in the admin. Once you have created these menus you can add/edit/remove any links you like from the nav.

      This tutorial video is for an older version of WordPress, but the basic functions are still the same:

  58. Hi Charles,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your theme, nice looking and great to use!
    I have a question about performances : Google speed test gives us a quite low note (mobile is 57 and computer is 70). It seems that part of the slowness comes from the scripts and css (

    Are you aware of this (or is it our website that we didn’t set up correctly! ;) ).

    Thanks a lot for your feedback

    Best regards,


    • Hi Remi, it is a mix of things that impact your page speed score. No doubt we could improve some things on the code side, and you can help by optimizing images. We do have an ongoing program of work planned for our themes and page speed is one of the things we look at. I just can’t promise a timeline on any changes. Building and releasing free themes necessarily has to come behind making a living :)

      FYI, when I run our demo site for this theme through the page speed tool I get better scores (66 and 84), and I think you will find any site will always have some issues they can fix (eg. gets a 69 and 56!) so I wouldn’t fixate on this.

      • Hi Charles,

        Thanks for your answer! I’m of course aware that maintaining free themes (quality themes!) is a lot of work, and thanks again for making them available.

        I’ll try to check what come from our side, thanks!

  59. Is it possible to hide a post from the “Top Post” slider? Or more importantly disassociate an image from a post that is appearing in the slider? We have a post published featuring an image slider and it is only featuring an unflattering portion of an image. Plus, it is not recognizing the open-graph image designated for the post.

    • Alisa, the slider uses the featured image from the post. Easiest thing is to set a different featured image or crop the existing one to a size and dimension that suits the slider. You can also control which posts specifically…the slider by defaults shows all the latest posts, but if you use the regular WP sticky posts feature it will show only those posts you have flagged as sticky. The theme doesn’t have any bake in Open Graph features and the slider certainly doesn’t use open graph data. If you have OGP enabled I presume you are using a plugin for this so any issues would be related to that.

  60. I’ve installed the latest update but it still looks horrid in ie 8 and as for ie 7, forget it!! Is there anything that can be done to make this work in older versions of Internet Explorer? I really don’t want to switch to another theme but ….

    • Mary J, if IE7 support is a show stopper for you then I suggest you do switch to another theme. We have no plans to support IE7. We have implemented pretty good support for IE8 with the theme and I think you’ll find our demo site looks OK in IE8, so I’m not sure why the images on your site are getting messed up. Have you made any local customizations to the CSS or templates?

  61. I can’t seem to make Google AdSense code work in the Banner Code boxes. I read in the comments that someone had a similar problem with Amazon code. Please let me know if I can send sample code directly to you rather than post in the comments section.

    Other than this issue, I think the theme is great and perfect for my needs. Thank you!

    • Hi James, there is a bug in the banner code function. We’ve uploaded an update and await this going live on Should be available this coming week.

  62. Hi, I’m still experimenting with the excellent newswire theme.
    I have a category in the main navigation with 9 posts. When the category displays the 9 posts, for each post, is there any way to display a ‘Read More’ rather than 3 dots?

      • Thank you Charles

        I can’t find anything in archive.php or category.php which refers to what I want.

        However in functions.php I have found the code below. Is this what I need to change?

        * Custom excerpt function
        if ( ! function_exists( ‘newswire_excerpt’ ) ) :
        function newswire_excerpt($limit) {
        $excerpt = explode(‘ ‘, get_the_excerpt(), $limit);
        if (count($excerpt)>=$limit) {
        $excerpt = implode(” “,$excerpt).’…’;
        } else {
        $excerpt = implode(” “,$excerpt);
        $excerpt = preg_replace(‘`[[^]]*]`’,”,$excerpt);
        return $excerpt;

        • Hi Pete,

          Index.php (at around lines 74-88) look for this block of codes:

          < ?php
          $sticky = get_option("sticky_posts");
          if ( get_query_var('paged') ) {
          $paged = get_query_var('paged');
          } elseif ( get_query_var('page') ) {
          $paged = get_query_var('page');
          } else {
          $paged = 1;
          $fargs = array(
          'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1,
          'paged' => $paged
          $rPosts = new WP_Query( $fargs );

          and replace it with:

          < ?php
          $sticky = get_option("sticky_posts");
          if ( get_query_var('paged') ) {
          $paged = get_query_var('paged');
          } elseif ( get_query_var('page') ) {
          $paged = get_query_var('page');
          } else {
          $paged = 1;
          $fargs = array(
          'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1,
          'cat' => '1,127',
          'paged' => $paged
          $rPosts = new WP_Query( $fargs );
          $temp_query = $wp_query;
          $wp_query = NULL;
          $wp_query = $rPosts;

          In the line that says ‘cat’ => ’1,127′, 1 and 127 are the category IDs. It means it will only display posts from categories 1 and 127. They can be separated by comma. If you want to exclude a specific category, just add a negative sign. So, ‘cat’ => ‘-5′, means it will include all categories except category id 5.

          Also, please set up the theme as a child first so that any future updates don’t overwrite your local changes.


          • Thank you Charles. This does not work for me, I’m not sure what you have suggested, I don’t think it addresses what I would like to do.

            I’m using a Category as part of my main navigation and the template used is category.php not index.php.

            To reiterate………. When the category displays the 9 posts, for each post, is there any way to display a ‘Read More’ rather than 3 dots?

            I am using a child theme as well.

          • Hi Pete, seems I’ve managed to reply to your comment with the answer to someone elses comment. Have you tried your original suggestion?

          • Thanks Charles. My original question is ……………

            I have a category in the main navigation with 9 posts. When the category displays the 9 posts, for each post, is there any way to display a ‘Read More’ rather than 3 dots?

            In functions.php I have found the code below. Is this what I need to change?
            the display from 3 dots to ‘Read More’? I can’t find anything else and am unsure of what to do.
            * Custom excerpt function
            if ( ! function_exists( ‘newswire_excerpt’ ) ) :
            function newswire_excerpt($limit) {
            $excerpt = explode(‘ ‘, get_the_excerpt(), $limit);
            if (count($excerpt)>=$limit) {
            $excerpt = implode(” “,$excerpt).’…’;
            } else {
            $excerpt = implode(” “,$excerpt);
            $excerpt = preg_replace(‘`[[^]]*]`’,”,$excerpt);
            return $excerpt;

          • yeah you can update that function but make sure you’re using child-theme so it will not overwrite in the next theme update


            $excerpt = implode(" ",$excerpt) . '...';


            $excerpt = implode(" ",$excerpt);
            $excerpt .= ' <a href="'. get_permalink() .'" rel="nofollow">read more</a>';

            Hope that helps

          • Thank you very much Ryan, that has indeed helped.
            The words ‘read more’ do appear now but they are not active, they don’t have a hyperlink to view the Post. Could you possibly point me in the right direction to make the words ‘read more’ link to the Post please?

          • Hi, I’ve been looking through the WordPress codex but I’m not sure how you have set things up for ‘read more’. Could you possibly let me know where to look please?

            Also I am not using the ‘read more’ on a home page, I am using the category.php i.e. the Posts are displayed on category.php. Is this possibly why the ‘read more’ is not working?

          • Thank you Ryan. You are right, I hadn’t copied and pasted correctly! Many apologies. Everything is fine now. This is a great theme.

  63. I absolutely love your theme. Great job.
    I have a small issue with hyperlinks though. I’d like to change the hyperlinks color inside my posts so that they could appear different from the Theme Color Scheme (which you can define in the Customize tab).
    Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi Tony,

      You can add this to the bottom of the style sheet:

      .post-content a,
      .post-content a:visited {
      color: #f00 !important;

      #f00 is the hex code for the color you want to make the links in side posts.

  64. Hi there,
    I am trying your theme and love it, but have some questions being the first one:
    Some of the things I previously had on my side bar don’t show on my homepage anymore, but they show on my “about me” page? I would like for them to show on my homepage sidebar again, how do I switch them back?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Patricia, you can set the content of the sidebars under Appearance > Widgets. There is a dedicated sidebar widget area for the home page, posts and pages.

      • Thank you for your quick response! I will post my questions one by one as I build my blog. Your theme seems really friendly, especially for the ones like me who don’t know much.

  65. Hi,

    Great theme – thanks!! I’m trying to create a Child theme for The Newswire, but when I do, the header is completely unformatted, no search, the menus are a list of links. Any thoughts?


  66. Hi, in this theme, I am not able to find out the “Quick Edit” option for the published posts.
    So it’s not possible to send a published post back to draft, if we don’t like the post. In other words,I am not finding it possible to unpublish a post.
    Can you please guide, as to how a published post can be reverted back to draft ??

    • Hi Shantinath, the theme only controls the font end look of your website, it doesn’t touch the admin and certainly doesn’t have any functionality related to the quick edit. If your quick edit links are gone that is an issue with your installation of WordPress, or possibly some plugin(s) you are using, not the theme. When you go to Posts > View All in the admin you should see the quick edit link when you hover over the post title with your mouse. You can also change the status of a post on the main post edit screen.

      • Thanks for your reply. The problem got solved. I think the problem was because I was using an older version of worpress 3.3.

  67. This is an excellent theme. I love the design. However, there is one major glitch.

    You can see it when you visit the site. Click anywhere on the screen except for a link and suddenly the whole site becomes unresponsive and it shifts to the background. Try clicking on the search button also and the same thing happens. Please solve this problem asap, I need to launch my site by the 26th of January. Otherwise, this is a perfect theme , I love it.

    • Hi Tanay, I’m not at my office at the moment so I’m unable to really look closely but I can assure you that the behaviour you report is almost certainly not related to the theme. The theme is used by many people and I have not heard this before. There’s also no way that would accept the theme to the directory with a bug like this (they test all themes thoroughly). Much more likely is that you have a plugin which is clashing with the theme or another plugin in some way. I suggest turning off all plugins and re-enable them one by one until you find the problem.

  68. Just wanted to say thanks. This is a great theme, and I look forward to learning how to tweak it for my purposes. Really, it won’t need much, so thanks a heap!

  69. Hi,
    I have tried a lot, but couldn’t find a way to make the desired change. So I am having to ask you this— > How can I control the width of drop-down menus? Please go the site- . There, if you hover your mouse over a few main menu items, some drop-down menus appears. Those drop-down options are so wide, that they seem to encroach in the area of sideby menu too. So it looks quite odd. Ideally, I want the width of those menu to be equal to the width of their parent, main-menu, from which they are originating. So how can it be done, or how can at least the width be reduced a bit?

    I am using child theme, and I already tried finding the corresponding code a lot. I guess the codes are these lines—
    ” .menu-top ul li ul.sub-menu li a,
    .menu-top ul li ul.children li a,
    nav[role=navigation] .menu ul li ul.sub-menu li a,
    nav[role=navigation] .menu ul li ul.children li a {
    display: block;
    min-height: 38px; /* for ie8 & below */
    min-height: 3.8rem;
    font-size: 85%;
    line-height: 1.8;
    padding: 7px 20px; /* for ie8 & below */
    padding: 0.7rem 2rem;
    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    -o-box-sizing: border-box;
    box-sizing: border-box;

    and I tried making lots of variations in this code, but couldn’t achieve what I wanted.

    Please help in this. will be highly thankful.

    • Hi Shantinath, It looks like you have solved this. I don’t see any wide menu items in the dropdowns. My suggestion would be to replace the default menu with a custom menu in which you can control the labels applied to each page making them as short as you like.

      • No! The problem still remains, and I was anxiously waiting for your suitable response. But I guess your response didn’t help me a bit :( I tried creating a custom menu, but didn’t know how to alter the drop-down menu widths for them :/
        Here is the screenshot of the problem- ,
        Please see the red highlighted portion of image and help me with the solution.

        Thanks in advance.

        • Shantinath, I suggest you use another theme. We have worked hard to develop and offer a theme for everyone to use at no cost. We can’t also provide everyone free technical support to customize the theme to their particular tastes. We especially can’t provide such help when the request is rude.

  70. I am trying to load a 468×60 banner from my library into the customize area. When I use this code –

    the banner enlarges only showing “1300 Soldiers” in the banner space on page. What is the correct way to display my image?

    • Hi Tessil, looks like you have replaced the banner with regular text. To display the banner you can use this code:

      img src="" [with angle brackets]

      Hope that helps.

  71. Hi, thank you very much for your great free theme! Can you please tell me how to limit the number of posts shown in the home page? Best

  72. Hi Charles, I am trying to help my stepdad with his site and am using your template. He doesnt want there to be a comment facility on his site but i cant seem to remove it. I have tried commenting out the comment.php but this means my footer is messed up on pages. Any help appreciated.

    • Hi Francesca, you don’t need to make any changes to the theme actually. Go to Settings > Discussion and disable all comments. This can be overridden at the post and page level so if you have enabled comments specifically on any given post or page you will also need to disable these via the specific post or page admin screen. Below the main editing interface you will see a checkbox to enable or disable comments. If you don’t see that you need to check out the screen options tab (top right) to display this setting.

    • Hi Susie, to get a bigger image you must be sure to upload a large version of the image to start with (WordPress can’t increase the size of an image). Of course you also want to make sure you don’t upload too large an image or it may slow you site down. For posts I would recommend an image say 1000px wide, which will be plenty big enough for the post itself as well as the home page slider. You can use simple online image editing tools like to crop and resize iamges. Hope that helps.

      • Follow up comment…it looks like you do have a larger version of the particular image in question, but you have inserted a smaller version of the image to your post. Delete this and add the image again, this time making sure to select the full size version from the media library.

        • Great thanks for the tip. For some reason when I upload my pictures and select “center” alignment, the picture appears small in my posts, but when I select no alignment, it posts full size. Happy it works either way. Thanks again.

  73. Just downloaded the newswire theme and love it, however when I upload media to a story and mark the story as featured, the pictures are not showing up in the slider, is there another way to connect them so that they show up?


    • Hi Shelly, I’m not sure what mean by marking the story as featured, do you mean making it sticky? Either way, did you set the featured image for your post?

      • I’m new to all of this! What is sticky? Our old one we would just make a category that was marked carousel and it would show up on the slider so I’m not sure how to put the pics on a different way.

        • Righto. With the Newswire theme it works a bit differently. You don’t need a special category. It will automatically display the latest posts in the slider, but you can override this behaviour by marking particular posts as “sticky” in which case only those posts will be displayed in the slider. This is a handy way to control exactly which posts are featured regardless of when they were posted.

          Sticky posts is a core WordPress feature (not theme specific). Check out this how to:

  74. Hello! I love this theme, and am so grateful for its many features. I am very new to wordpress and still trying to figure out some basics. I’ve been trying to center my logo in the header (and center the menu options in the menu bar just below the header) using the css editor, but can’t seem to figure out which lines to alter to make centering possible. If you’d be willing to help me customize the theme to be centered, I would be VERY appreciative! Thank you for reading my super-newbie question!

    best wishes, Scott

    • Hi @scott,

      Thanks for using our theme

      To center logo
      Just simply add this code in text-align: center;
      width: 100%;

      text-align: center;
      width: 100%;

      To center menu, you have to do the ff.
      1. Instead of float: left in menu list update it to display: inline-block;
      2. In menu ul just simply add text-align: center;

      You can also contact our paid support for further customization

      Hope that helps

  75. Hey Charles,
    Love the theme, I was wondering if it was possible to get all of my section pages to look like the front page. So if each other of my pages were a news category, they would be the home pages for their respected sections.

    • Hi @jeremy,

      Thanks for using our theme

      What do you mean section pages? or maybe you mean Category page? in WordPress there’s no possible option for that like page template for page so I suggest these way instead

      category-{slug}.php or

      Hope that helps

  76. Hello. I’m trying to do a couple things but having no luck with my little knowledge of coding.

    the site I’m working on is:

    1 – is there a way to center the logo in the header?

    2 – when hovering over page names on the menu bar, only a portion of the box is highlighted. is there a way to have entire box highlight?

    3 – is there a way to hide the title of a page once you have selected it?

    thank you!

    • Hi @molly,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. Follow the comment thread, I’ve provided info there on how to center logo
      2. I’m thinking a couple times why you need that? it’s kinda weird but anyway it’s your way of customization, yes there is a way, use this code for highlight{ background-color: #dd3333; }
      3. open content-page.php and remove intire header code in there

      Hope that helps

  77. Hey Charles, love the theme and are am having a great time adapting it to my needs. Could you please tell me how I can get the social media icons to open the links in a new page?
    I have tried adding target=”_blank” in the header.php but to no avail.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi @penee,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Yeah you’re using the right code, just make sure you’ve added it in the anchor, I’ve tested it and it works fine, so if you’ve added it in the right way, try these troubleshoot tips

      1. check for suspicious plugin or I suggest disable all and enable one by one.
      2. if things still not working, contact us so we can have a look into your site code and provide further customisation.

      Hope that helps

  78. Hello, I appreciate your theme very much, but I have two issues:

    1) When I set a background image it fills the entire page, including content, so it is difficult to read the post text. I think it should be something about transparency, but (I’m sorry) I am very new to css.

    2) About the responsiveness: in my samsung galaxy next I can see too much empty space between posts when they are displayed in vertical. The same thing occurs when I resize my laptop window (w7+chrome) “too” quickly.

    Thank you!


    • Hi @antonino,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. Transparency can also be use by using solid color like, red, green blue, sample code rgba(248, 248, 248, 0.92);
      2. We designed this site on common device resolution, you can contact our support if you’d like us to work and fix for Samsung Galaxy size.

      Hope that helps

  79. I love this theme. I love it so much. But, I really don’t like the grey background behind the widgets on the right-hand side bar.

    How can I make it all white?


  80. Hi Charles

    I love your theme, it would be perfect for my blog. But I can’t find it anywhere. All download links go to wordpress, but there the link is gone. Can you link me?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Grietje, the Newswire theme is temporarily unavailable while we make some improvements. It will be back online in a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Hello! I am trying to launch a student newspaper by Feb 14 and would love to use your theme. How soon will the theme be available to use? We had started editing it for another site, but wanted to load it on our new domain. Exporting the old site just moves our content, obviously, so there’s very little we can do right now.

        Thank you!

        • Hi Mariah, the theme update has been submitted to the WordPress directory. It has also been approved so now we await it going live. We don;t have any control over this timing, but I expect it will be in the next couple of days.

  81. Charles,
    Sorry for being so vague before. I found a way to reword my question. How do I add the slider to each page that appears in the menu bar?

    • Hi @Jeremy, this will require some theme customization, beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. Also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes. If you would like our help with this please email us at and we can provide an estimate. Thanks.

  82. Hi !

    Thank you for your theme, it’s cool ! I have just a little problem with “the latest news” below the slides : I fail to make appear severals articles like in your video. I have just one item which appears. Is that a code’ problem or just a parameter to change ?

    Ah, and excuse my english, I’m french :)

    Thank you !

    • Salut! I think this is just a setting issue…go to Settings > Reading and check the number of posts per page. By default this is 10, but possibly this has been changed on your installation of WordPress?

  83. We thought using your Newswire theme in one of our projects but the download link is still unavailable. Can you tell the precise day that will be available?


    • Hi Carolina, unfortunately I can’t share the precise day because it is out of our hands. The theme update has been submitted to and the review team there has approved it, but it is up to them when they push it out live. We’re expecting it any day now, but can’t be sure exactly when it will land. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  84. Hi there,

    I have to repeat, really nice theme, clean and rich at the same time.

    I have a question and a request.
    Since my site is not in English I translated most of the front end, however I can’t find some phrases. For example “Next Page” and “Previous Page” buttons as well as “Posted on XXXX by YYYY”. Since I am pretty new to WP I am assuming that translation of the comment area must be done inside the core WP or using special plug-in.

    The second is request. From the comments above I understand that footer can’t be customized. Would you consider adding a customizable footer area so we can achieve similar result as you have on this page.

    • Hi Dusan, you’ll need to look into the functions file to find those text fragments. A footer widget area is a good idea. We’ll look at that for the next version, though I can’t say when that might be.

      • Thanks Charles. I was able to fix first two issues, next I will check how to translate the Comments section.

        It would be great if you could include those text fragments in translate vocabularies in the future fixes. That way every new patch doesn’t overwrite my changes in functions file.

  85. Hi Charles, seems like take a lot of time to approve the update of newswire. Is possible to have the .zip of theme by you?

    Thank you for develop a wonderful and clean theme like newswire!

    • Hi @davide,

      Thanks for using our theme

      If you already have the theme installed then it will automatically show update every time we added new update.

      Hope that helps

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Title of what? post, page, category, front-page only or what? please be specific.
      To answer your e.g. you want to center post title, view the site source code by using Firebug or Inspect Element(builtin in Chrome and Safari) then see if you can find title class if so then just simply add .title-class{ .entry-title }

      Hope that helps

  86. Hi! I’m using The Newswire, and I love it. But the slider doesn’t work :-( It’s like something went wrong with my posts. Instead of the slider I just have the default picture and the next post’s title underneath? Can you please help? – Caja

    • Hi Caja, are you using any other slider plugins which might be clashing with the themes own slider? Maybe Nextgen or similar? My only advice is to try disabling other plugins and see if that addresses the problem.

  87. Hi, great theme! We love it, but we’re having some difficulty with the alignment of the logo and the banner beside it in the header. As you can see from our test site mentioned above, the logo appears slightly lower on the page than the ad banner. I’m not sure where in the files I need to make the adjustment. Can you help me out? Thanks!

    • Hi @denis,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Just simply remove padding top in #site-heading selector in your style.css file and you’re good to go. Also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes.

      Hope that thelps

  88. I love this theme, and I’m so glad I found it. I’m new to WordPress & PHP/CSS/HTML, so I’m picking it all up as I go along. I would very much like to include the author name and date below the title in the feed and in the post. I believe I need to include something along the lines of this…


    …but haven’t quite worked out where yet…any help would be appreciated!

  89. Hi there.
    Thank you for your theme, is great!
    I installed the theme on a site and it has a problem with the mobile version for tablets, I can not access the sub pages via the main menu.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    • Hi Soraya, can you send me a link to your site? Also, are you using any kind of plugin to serve a mobile version? I ask because the theme does show subpages in the responsive menu.

  90. Hi!

    I’m using the sticky post tool to show posts on slider. Is there any way to avoid that the slider posts appears also on latest news on the homepage?


    • Hi Carolina, that seems to be a bit of an oversight in the way we’ve coded the theme, we’ll change that in the next version. Give us a couple of weeks to get that out.

    • Hi Ariel, I think you are asking how to use the email icon? Look for the email field under Appearance > Customize > Social Media Icons and just enter “”

  91. Hi Charlie!

    Tks for thhis awesome and clean theme.
    About the (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); bug. Any solution?


    • Hi Tiby, go to Appearance > Menus to create and manage a custom menu. This way you can add category links to the navigation menu, as well as any other links you want. The default menu is just static pages, but a custom menu allows you to put whatever you like in the nav.

      • I did as you said with the categories, but allow me to put the Categories section to Comment … can you help me please .. I’m sorry if I bug you but just do not realize how … thanks
        I ad the website….is a church site

        • Hi Tiby, I’m not sure what you mean by “…, but allow me to put the Categories section to Comment…”, but then I see you are using another theme now so seems you’ve chosen a different direction. All the best.

    • Hi Tiby, you need to enable comments under Settings > Discussion. You can also enable/disable comments at the individual post level, so if you’ve created posts while having comments disabled at the site level then you’ll need to enable these at the post level.

  92. Amazing theme, really the best I’ve found that delivers in style and navigability. Cheers!

    I’m having trouble utilizing the Customize option at all. The settings are solid from the very first time I set up the theme, but I haven’t been able to change anything since. It no longer shows the homepage to the right, and any changes are reset the instant it’s clicked to save.

    Is this a widespread issue or is a plug-in clashing with controls?

      • Okay. Figured it was worth a shot. I’ve tried different browsers, changing around themes, etc. Everything except disabling plug-ins and deleting/reloading the theme (last resort). If you hear anything down the road feel free to reply. Thanks for your time!

  93. Hi Guys, thanks for the latest update, I see that Prev/Next can now be translated.

    However I have problem with Adsense now. From comments above it seems that some people had issues with previous version, which was working OK for me but with latest update I see (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); and obviously no ads.

    • Hi @dusan,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Did you add the code right in HTML Tab or inside posts? make sure you din’t click Visual as it overwrite or remove JS code and resulted to broken code.

  94. Hi guys,

    I just noticed one more issue. It seems you are doing some serious filtering when saving theme settings because also mailto get stripped resulting in link to domain http.

    • Thanks Dusan. We did recently add some sanitization to those fields and seem to have broken that one in the process…will issue and update asap.

      • Great. It would be great if you would also enable translating “POSTED ON” “BY”, which are the last very noticeable text snippets that still have to be hardcoded, into next update. Thanks.

        • Hi @dusan,

          Thanks for using our theme

          Actually the text is ready for translation by using “newswire” text-domain (no quote), of if you prefer doing it manually you can find it in functions.php in at line #765

          and yeah, we will include it in the next update

          Hope that helps

      • So I figured out a way to do what I wanted and got the slider onto a different page but now instead of latest posts under the slider it just shows a permalink to the current page. Where would I go to fix this? Why would it recognize the page as a post?

    • Hi Aaron, one other tip which might help. The home page slider by default shows the latest posts, but you can override this by setting one or more posts as “sticky”, then only these posts will show in the slider. Set just one as “sticky” and it will be your permanent home page featured post.

  95. Is there any way to make the posts page and the category pages have 3 columns of posts instead of 2 columns of posts and a sidebar? I put display:none in the css for sidebar and it removes the display of the 3rd col but I do not know how to make the posts fill the 3rd column. Thank you!

  96. Hello,

    First off I’d just like to thank you a bunch for an amazing and easy to adjust theme.
    My question is if it is somewhat doable to change the main colors depending in the page you are on. I am using 4 blog categories as my ‘pages’, and would like every category to get its own color.
    For instance, when hovering over the menu item, I want every menu item to have its own color (only on hover), and I want the entire menu to adjust its color to the page that is currently visited.
    Thanks a bunch for giving me a hint on how to achieve this!


    • Hi @Ricardo,

      Thanks for using our theme

      All can be done by using CSS alone, here’s a hint e.g. on Apple, you can simply add body.category-apple{ your code here }, and for menu you can simply use nth-child(), css3 pseudo code.

      Just make sure you’re using child-theme.

      Hope that helps

  97. I suppose the comments strips out the code, here’s a stripped version.

    iframe src=”linktoamazonadvertisement” width=”300″ height=”250″ scrolling=”no” border=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ style=”border:none;” frameborder=”0″ /iframe

    • Hi Dan, this feature has proven very problematic to the extent that we are actually removing it out of the next version of the theme. The only way to reliably add banners to the site is to add your banner code to the template files. We’ll be commenting the template files in the next version to make this a bit easier.

  98. A part of the slider images dissapears when I open my website on an Iphone. I set the images to 1000px by 500px and the look fine on a Macbook but not on a mobile device. The theme seems to zoom in on the image. For me this is a problem because I put text in the pictures. Is this a bug in the responsiveness and will it be fixed soon? Beside this issue I like the theme very much and don t want to remove the slider. Thx.

  99. Hi,
    many thanks for the wonderful theme “the newswire”. I love it!

    But I´ve got a little problem since the last update –
    the mailto-button in the social-media-icon-bar doesn`t work correctly. When I enter my Mailto url (f.e. there is no mail-window opens, but the URL will open in the browser address bar.
    It also does not work with commands like “mailto:” or “a href”.
    What I have to do?
    Any help for me?

  100. Here’s an odd one

    Is there any way to possibly disable google fonts? I’m porting over a forum theme that i made to wordpress. Your theme is an excellent skeleton for porting my old theme over in order to give my readers a good transitional look over from our old system.

    Unfortunately, our old theme has some custom font for the nav and headline texts

  101. PHP 5.4 , debug=true;
    I have some errors on page:
    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /public/wp-content/themes/the-newswire/index.php on line 43

    public/wp-content/themes/the-newswire/content.php on line 14

    Looks like a very old PHP code.

  102. Hello there,
    and thank you for always being willing to help us.
    I’ve installed adsense ads on my blog a few times and waited for a few days but they don’t show up. Sometimes they take a little bit of time but mine never show up. I wonder if you have any ideas why?
    thank you so much.

    • Hi Patricia, I recommend updating to the latest version which uses a better method for handling the banner code. Once you have upgraded versions go to Appearance > Edit and add your banner code to the banner templates we have added to the theme.

  103. Hi Charles! I like your theme! Thank you very much! I have translated the po-files into Swedish, but still the month at the top of the front page is in English. How can I translate the month up there intp Swedish? I also wonder… if it is optional to display the name and link to your site in the footer? :)

  104. Hello,

    I had great difficulty upgrading to the new version of the theme. I ended up simply copying all of the files in the server theme folder. But I would like to figure out what was going wrong before the next update. Basically I would hit “update” and nothing would happen, no matter what method I attempted to use.

    Also, another question I had was partially answered by your March 5 post. I noticed that the banner code option is gone. Where would I find the comments in the template files to help add banner codes that you mention?

    • Hi Kreilj. I don’t know what would cause the problem with updating the theme. It *sounds* more like a core WP issue than a theme issue. What version of WP are you running?

      • Running WordPress 3.8.1

        As I said, I was able to manually upload all of the needed files as a workaround. I had created a child theme to tweak a few details that weren’t working well with some plugins. But I assume that wouldn’t interfere with installing an update to the parent theme.

        For now, I’d like to learn how to re-introduce banner ads manually, if that is indeed possible with the new update.

        Thanks in advance for your help.

        • Hi Kreulj,

          In the new version we moved the banner mgmt out of the Customize menu (for various reasons). To add banners go to Appearance > Edit and look for the two new banner templates which are clearly named. Copy and paste your banner code into those and the theme will do the rest. You can also move these into your child theme as well and they will not be over written in future updates.

  105. Hi Ryan S. Yes, my site and admindashboard was already in Swedish and laso set to sv_SE in the wp config file. I just translated the file “default.po” in the theme’s language directory into Swedish as well. After I had done that there was still one word left in English and that was the name of the month at the top of the front page. So my question is still: How can I translate only that month at the top of the front page into Swedish?

  106. Hello Charles, thank you so much for this amazing theme. I was wondering how can I have my blog page in the home page? I would like to have my posts all open for the reader from the first page. Is that possible?

    Thank you so much,


    • Hey Daniele, I’m not sure what you mean. The default home page design does show all the latest posts in reverse chronological order like a blog, though also has the slider at the top which you can use to feature specific posts regardless of when they were posted. There is not another blog template in the theme.

  107. Hi,

    First of all, this is a fantastic theme which has given my site a new lease of life. I have one question: What would you suggest is the best way to change how the carousel images are cropped? The images on my site tend to have differing focal points and often get cut off by the crop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    • Content Selector would be “#main” if not working use the default one
      Navigation Selector would be “.pagination”
      Next Selector would be “.pagination ul li a:first”
      Item Selector would be “.post”

      Don’t include the quote

      Hope that helps, if it still not working I suggest use Jet Pack instead and enable “infinite scroll”

  108. Newswire is wonderful – really clean and fresh. I’m enjoying tinkering with the style, but I’m wondering if the banner ad can be made bigger at all? It says there’s space for a 468×60, but I could do with something around 780×100. Is this possible?

    Also, is there a way of having just the video show up on the front page list of posts, rather than the whole post? I’ve selected to have summary of each post in feed, but the video post is showing the full post. If that makes sense…

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  109. More issues,
    thank you for answering my previous questions. However I have a new issue now, my comments box disappeared (at the end of each new post), you can still see the old ones, but as I’ve noticed this happened after I’ve added “askimet” the plugin for spam and stuff. I am desperate, do you know how to fix this?

    • Hi Patricia, sounds more likely you have disabled comments under Settings > Discussion. This page has a global setting for comments which can also be overridden at the post/page level. Also when you change this setting it doesn’t impact existing posts which might explain why the comments still show up on old posts. Try that.

      • I’ve checked that and everything looks normal like always. I havent’ touched anything there. I’ve also added Share Buttons plugin, could that be it?
        I am pretty much 0 brains when it comes to resolve this problems, really this makes me mad.

        • That is odd. I am certain Akismet would not cause such an issue and it feels unlikely that the share buttons plugin would do anything either, but you could try disabling plugins and see if that ‘fixes’ it. I’d also suggest searching Youtube for tutorials on Discussion settings for WordPress. There are a few options there and it isn’t totally intuitive so you may inadvertently changed something.

    • Hi @kumar,

      Yes this theme does have widget available to control other theme areas but not all like Footer is some sort of static text.

      Hope that helps

  110. Hi there, after trying countless themes that looked clean and crisp (but in actual fact looked poor when activated), I found The Newswire and absolutely love it.

    As with all, there are a couple of things I would like to change (if I can)?:

    1. I have set the home page to be static but would like to remove comments, just from the home page?

    2. I would like to remove Categories and Archives from the sidebar across posts and pages?

    Hopefully there is an answer to this and sorry if it has been covered already, I have read most of the above.


    • Hi @Pete G

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. Update page.php comment file to

      if( ( ! is_front_page() ) && ( ! is_home() ) )
      comments_template( '', true );

      2. You can control it in the widget area, if you’d to remove and make page and posts full width you can use full-with no sidebar page template instead.

      Hope that helps

  111. I love your template. I’d like to display four columns of static text in the full-width template for my Home page. How can I set the columns up so they appear beneath each other on small screens (as the sidebar does on the default template)? Is there a div class that will allow this? I hope this question falls within the scope of answers you can provide!

    • Hi @wendy,

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can use
      <div id="grid-wrap" class="clearfix">
      <div class="grid-box">
      content here

      <div class="grid-box">
      content here

      Hope that helps

      • Thanks so much – it almost does what I am hoping for! I get two columns on the page at full width, and they display exactly as I want them on smaller screens. Would it help to set the width of the div (at about 180) so I can have four columns displayed next to each other? If so, what is the best way to do this? I only want this layout on one page – the rest of the site uses the default template.

        • Unfortunately there’s no available layout option for 180px, there is 140 and 220 though, you can try it, use the class col220 and col140 in your DIV, make sure you remove the grid-box and use the class above, hope that helps

  112. Ever since you updated Newswire, I’ve been having some problems. Initially, I was unable to update using the control panel in WP. I was eventually able to delete them and install this version. the-newswire.1.0.7

    Getting cookies error message on log in for Oregon Progressive WP login page.

    I can still get in by going to and update, edit, etc.

    Updates/edits post but I’m taken to a blank white page instead of a refreshed view.

    Lost content to Media Library. Files are there but don’t show up in Media Manager. I think this is due to disabling Plugins.

    I was unable to disable Plugins by renaming through Control Panel. I had to use Dreamweaver and change the name of the folder. Have not tried name changing individual plugins as it takes a long time. The entire folder needs to be uploaded each time as far as I know.

    I’m going to back up posts, pages etc. and await ideas from your end.

    • Hi Don, This doesn’t sound good and I don’t think it has anything to do with the theme which can’t possibly impact your ability to login or disable plugins. That sounds more like core WordPress and/or file permission issues. Can you switch themes and see if the problems persist?

  113. Hello, me again. Thanks again for this brilliant theme.

    I’ve had a reader of my site report a problem where the home page only displays one column instead of two. I’ve managed to recreate the problem by resizing my browser – when it gets to about half of a 1920 width screen, every tiny resize has a 50% chance of making the second column disappear. When I resize it again by another pixel, it returns. Is there any way I can solve this issue?

    We’re both using Chrome, but my reader was using it on OSX while I’m on Windows 8. Here’s the reader comment:

    • Hey Michael, I think what you are seeing is a artifact of the browser resizing and the themes responsive code trying to play catchup, it works for me no problem in Chrome, but in some cases it might not catch up properly as you resize and it tries to re-render on the fly. If you reduce the size of the browser to a width where you see this issue try refreshing the page and I’m pretty sure that you will find the responsive code will render the page appropriately. Of course regular visitors don’t typically resize their browser in the middle of browsing the site so I don’t think this is really an issue (unless I’m missing something). Cheers.

      • Thanks for your quick response, Charles – I just tried refreshing while at a width where the problem occurs, and that didn’t fix things. But I imagine it might be something more fundamental about the browser or things out of your control.

        I haven’t had any other readers mention this so hopefully it’s fairly rare.

  114. I just installed your theme for a new blog I’ve started. I’m very new to WordPress and coding. I have added an image to one of my posts, “Fashion Test”. It’s a hi-res image and is sized to 1000 x 500. It appears perfectly in the slider and in the page for the post… but it is blurry on the homepage. Is there a way I can fix this?

    Also, is there a way I can add a blavatar or image in the URL box? Appreciate the help!

    • Hi @Sarah,

      Thanks for using our theme

      The theme don’t display featured image in single post page so that seems you’ve added it manually, open content-single.php and add the below code aright after the title area

      $attr = array(
      'class' => "blog-attachment-media",
      'alt' => trim(strip_tags( get_the_title() )),
      'title' => trim(strip_tags( get_the_title() ))
      echo get_the_post_thumbnail( get_the_ID(), 'full', $attr );

      // that simply display featured image in full with

      Hope that helps

  115. I don’t understand where the banner/box for the ads went! We updated and they’re suddenly missing now. I went to Appearance and there’s no Edit there. Do you mean Edit CSS?

    • Hi Seth, we removed the feature from the Customize admin for a variuety of reasons. But we’ve added in two templates to which you can easily add your banner code and it will appear just as before. Go to Appearance > Edit and look for the two banner templates (appropriately named). Copy/Paste your banner code and you’ll have your banners back.

  116. This is a great theme. The modification I want to make relates to the word MENU on small screens. I’ve looked and looked and looked and cannot see where in the code to change the word ‘MENU’ to ‘Something Else’ when the theme is displayed on small mobile devices.

    Thanks in advance,

  117. I have problem to make my banner center when I put html code (for banner) at text widget. even I put center code still my banner not in center position. Please advise me proper center align code shall I used.

  118. Hi there – I’ve hit a bit of an issue. Just updated WordPress to 3.8.2 and the scrolling posts along the top of the site have stopped working (There’s a static post and the header for the next one underneath). Not sure if it’s a compatibility issue, but it also co-incides with me using NextGEN Gallery for the first time. I’ve updated WordPress again and it’s still not working. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Sorted. There’s a compatibility issue with NextGen Gallery. I’ve deactivated it an it works fine. Will need a new gallery plug-in now.

      Also, is there a way of adding the gallery/slideshow images show on the gallery post on the front page at all, rather than using a featured picture?


    • Hi @phil

      Thanks for using our theme

      What you mean the scrolling posts along the top, did you mean the slider? I’m using latest version of WordPress too and everything is working fine, did you try disabling your plugin and see if the error gone?

      Hope that helps

    • Hi,

      Thanks for using our theme

      The simplest solution is to modify code in header.php and remove unnecessary file, open header.php and locate line #11 and update
      <div id="search-box-wrap">
      <div id="search-box-wrap" style="display: block;">

      remove unnecessary object like, x button and search icon at line #90

      PS: please avoid adding or promoting your site.

      Hope that helps

  119. Hello. I’m very happy with your theme and you are very generous with your time answering all these development questions.

    Unfortunately, I spent some time working with your theme before I noticed that the feature slider doesn’t work in Mac desktop Safari. I though the problem was on my end, but it’s not working in the WordPress plugin page preview either.

    Is this an issue you are aware of? Is this a problem with my setup? This might be a deal killer for me and I’d really like to use your theme.

    • Hi Julian, works in Safari on my Mac Air. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘the WordPress plugin page preview’, can you share a link to your site so I can try that? Have you made any changes to the template? Are you running any plugins that might clash with it?

      • I was referring to the preview of the theme on the “The Newswire” WordPress plugins page. That doesn’t work either so it’s not how I’ve configured or modified the theme.

        I think I determined the issue. I am using Snow Leopard and Safari 5.1.10 on an old Mac. I tried it on a newer Mac and it works fine. My bad. Thanks for your quick response. Hope that’s helpful in some way.

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