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Restaurateur is a dedicated WordPress restaurant theme. The theme features custom post types for menu items so you can easily add a beautiful tabbed menu with your own categories and dishes (with prices), which will be featured in the home page slider. You can also customize the background imagery and welcome message on the home page, contact details, map location and social media icons. It’s a flexible and responsive theme which will look great on any device.

How to Install Restaurateur

How to Customize Your Website with the Restaurateur Theme

96 comments on “Restaurateur
    • Hi Simon, this will require some customization of the theme template, a bit beyond the level of simple support we can provide here. If you need professional help we can estimate such changes, just email us at

      The home page slider is already responsive to window size.

  1. This a nice theme, many thanks! I run a small cafe and this theme is going to fit the bill exactly.

    One question, is there any way to have the menu categories on a drop down menu, rather than linked from a page where every food item is randomly displayed?

    • Hi Paul, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but I think the answer is no. The bundled menu plugin allows you to add menu items into categories (like Appetizer, Main, Dessert) and then display the menu using the menu template. The default display is all items in the menu, and then users can click the category links to filter the items by category….basically what you see on the demo is what you can do. You can order the menu items by setting the post dates appropriately and in this way ensure that all your main menu items are displayed top of the default view for example.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply. The menu system works well, I was just chancing my arm a bit asking that question :-) For free this is more than enough of a template.. cheers.

  2. Thanks. i used the first one and it is perfect for management too. one last question i neglected to ask yesterday because i thought i would figure it out; help me with the “menu” from scratch. i want it to appear xctly the same way it appears on the demo. where do i start? first of all, is that a page, a category, how do i add items, are dishes items, which page template do i pick etc etc

    • Thaba, the menu is powered by the bundled plugin that is prompted when you first install the theme. If you have installed this it will have created a new custom post type in your admin for “Menu Items”. You just add menu items using this custom post type (you can also create menu categories). To display the menu items as a page just create a new static page and use the Menu Items template. This will display all the menu items just like the demo.

      If you havn’t installed the plugin you’ll need to do this. If you dismissed the prompt to install the plugin when first installing the Restaurateur theme you’ll need to reinstall the theme to get this again.


  3. Hi,
    Using this theme and i like it very much. I did some customizing and did not make notes on changes made. I used ver 2.0.4 and i see it is asking me to upgrade to ver 2.0.5 What is the main differences between the 2 version before i proceed. Thanks for a great theme

  4. Hi Charles,
    Downloaded ver 2.0.5 and read the updates. They dont apply to me so is should not be a issue to run it like it is as i am not having any problems and not using the gallery. Great feature using the gallery so will keep that in mind later

  5. I’m in the middle of building my website and can’t for the life of me get a contact form to display correctly. I’ve tried three different plugins – FormBuilder, Contact Form 7, and now Fast Secure Contact Form and all have the same problem: the form looks fine in the plugin’s preview, but when displayed in the theme the style is reset to the most basic fonts and such ever and there are no radio buttons or checkboxes visible. Is there any way to make a form work, or a plugin that works specifically with restauranteur? It’s beautiful otherwise. =(

    • Hi @Diane,

      Thanks for using our theme

      It’s a theme issue and we’re working on it and provide fix asap, so for now you can fix it by removing “-webkit-appearance: none;” in style.css at line #117

      Hope that helps

  6. Love the theme… new to WP, but not to HTML. Not sure how to ask without being confusing. I’ve create a many different menu categories to sort out my items, but everything loads to one main page and then you have to choice what sub you want to see from there. It it possible to get to those sub’s from the main structure menu, and not go to a page with everything is included on that page? Example: Apples would only show Apples and would be listed in the structure menu at the top of each page. Carrots would only show carrots, etc. Also, thanks for the info you posted for someone on the permalink, works nicely.

    • Hi Gail, I’m afraid that isn’t possible out of the box. The menu template is coded to display all , with the categories acting as filters as on the demo site.

  7. Hi, Thank you for the great theme. I am hoping you can help. I was testing a few images on the home page slider. I have removed them and added my new images, but the old images remain. I have cleared my cache and checked on another PC but the images are still there. Are you able to help?

    • Hi Nicky, yes this is a quirk of the way the theme handles images for the home page slider. It isn’t ideal, but easily overcome…

      The best solution is to remove all images from the page content, and instead use the regular WP gallery feature to embed a gallery of images into the page. The template looks for a gallery and will use the images in the gallery ahead of any others. This also makes it easy to manage the images in the slider (by updating the gallery). In the absence of an embedded gallery the way to remove the old images is to delete them permanently from the media library.

    • Hi Charles,

      Is that template editable to change it not to display all? I’m not an expert, but can handle some rewriting? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Roberto, there is no setting for this. You would need to edit the template files to achieve this and then you may also need to tweak the style sheet to get it looking as you want.

  8. Hi,
    I may be having a similar issue as Diane. An embedded Wufoo form I am using for the Contact Us page is showing up fine until I view the error version (ie when a user doesn’t complete required fields)
    At that point the submit button is cut off from the bottom of the form.
    Is there a section of the style sheet I can tweak to allow the form to be viewed in full?
    Great theme thanks!

    PS there is a coming soon page up right now but I’d be happy to open the site up if you need to view.

  9. Hi – nice theme thanks. my question is when i resize my browser window the slider images are not shrinking proportionally – so images with faces looked ‘squished’ .. is that the trade-off for having a responsive theme? (is there an optimum size – mine are 960 x 350px?)

    • Yes you can. You need to edit the footer.php file. Please be sure to set up the theme as a child first so future updates don’t overwrite your local customizations.

  10. I was following the video tutorial to customize the home page and I used 3 images just like in the video. I save the changes and try to preview the page. Now instead of the images, I get a text that reads “IMAGES ADDED TO THIS PAGE WILL APPEAR HERE” in capital letters. What can I do? Thank you!

    • Hi Daniel, try adding the images to the page as a regular WordPress gallery. If that doesn’t work can you share a link to your site?

  11. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to edit the items on the bottom of the “Sidebard Alt Home Page” – Latest Post – Categories – Archive – Recent Comments, other than to add new widgets to remove them. I’ll like to edit them rather than add a widget – the layout of the items in the demo is more appealing than when you add widgets. Thank you.

  12. I have two questions about the theme.

    Is it possible to use a full width slider plugin with this theme?


    The description boxes in the menu plugin, can those boxes be color customized in the theme or are they always white?

    • Hi @angela

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. Actually it depends on the capability of the slider, e.g is the slider offer shortcode to display sliders? if so then yeah, you can create new page with Full with, no sidebar template in it
      2. Unfortunately yes, they’re always white, but if you’d like us to add that functionality for you then yeah we can do that, just email us at

      Hope that helps

  13. Hey Charles, I’m having trouble with the featured images and the slideshow images. Actually, I’m having trouble with every image I upload. It crops and shrinks and I don’t know how to make them show correctly and fully displayed. Thank you

    • Hi @Diego,

      Thanks for using our theme

      The slider uses the Attached Media on a specific page, e.g. you created Homepage(page), Choose homepage with static slider(page template), so the page is ready the next thing you do is choose Static page under Settings right? so if you view the your site it then started to display all attached images as the slider, so in short it use attached images as the image slider.

      For featured image this is just use for single post pages

      Hope that helps

  14. Hi! tnx for a great theme!

    I’m trying to change the text “MENU” in the mobile viewport. Ideal I would like to change it to a static image of the traditional three horizontal bars, associated with mobile menus.

    I just can’t find where i can change it in the different php templates? My best bet were in the “header.php”.

    p.s. I use v. 2.0.7.

  15. Is it possible to remove the photos from being presented in the menu, just title, cost and description? Sometimes photos don’t accurately represent whats being received.

    • Hi Shane, the whole layout of the menu with the price tags etc kinda depends on there being an image. You *could* edit the image out of the template but then you’d need to adjust the rest of the layout to fit as well. Unfortunately no setting to change this easily.

  16. I was having the same problem as Daniel (above), but I found a solution. I had originally set up the slider, and it worked correctly, but had an image I didn’t want. When I deleted it, that image would not go away so I ended up deleting the entire page and rebuilding it. This time, I got the message “IMAGES ADDED TO THIS PAGE WILL APPEAR HERE.” To fix it, what I had to do was upload the images directly to the page, rather than insert them from the previously uploaded images. Hope this helps someone else.

    • Thanks Del. The latest version also supports native WordPress galleries, and infact the home page template will look first for a gallery and use that for the slider if it finds one. So you can just add a regular WordPress image gallery to the page content and the images in that gallery will be used in the slider. This makes it easy to manage the images you want to display without the hassle of having to delete and rebuild page which is a bit of a hassle (sorry about that).

  17. For those out there that are looking for a solution to the photos on the menu in which you don’t want people to say…hey, why didn’t I get that! With Charles input I came with a solution that worked for me which was to “Shrink” the photos to keep a nice look without the ability of someone saying! Hey my hamburger doesn’t look like that! What I did was edit the stylesheet and changed the height from 128 to 20 as seen in the line below. Worked great. Thank you Charles for the help.

    .grid-box .imgthumb {
    position: relative;
    margin: 0 0 15px 0;
    height: 20px;
    overflow: hidden;

    • Cool, glad you figured out a solution. You’re kind to say I helped…me thinks that you deserve 100% of the credit here!

  18. how do i change the slider images? i’ve created a homepage with 3 images, when i tried to replace the 3 images with 2 new ones, it just added the 2 new ones so i have a slider with 5 images now!?

    • Hi @abdul,

      Thanks for using our theme

      The theme slider uses Attached Media for slider, so you have to remove previous added images first and upload final slider images.

      Hope that helps

  19. Hello,

    I’m currently using this theme for a bistro. Is there a way to not use a featured image for the food? Or even make it more like a list?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Chris, no this isn’t possible out of the box. You would need to do some template customization to achieve that look.

  20. Hello,

    How can I change the default “MENU” txt in the navigation bar when in responsive mode?
    I’d like to either change the txt or add an icon. Thank you!

  21. Hi! Loving the theme, but I have two questions:

    1. How/where can I customize the browser window text (current it’s “A WordPress Site | Just Another WordPress Site” for the home, similar for other pages)?

    2. How to customize the footer text?

    I have watched your video, but did not see this info in it. Thank you!

    • Hi @ashley

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. You can update it under Settings -> General
      2. Footer text can be customize in footer.php file

      Hope that helps

    • Hi Kevin, this is a purposeful design choice. The height of each menu item depends on the length of the description and the title, so we use a masonery style (like pinterest) to stack up menu items. You’d need to play with the styles to fix it to a fixed grid.

  22. Hi,

    Is that possible to create two separate sets of menus (eg./ food and beverage menu)? If yes, how?

    Please help! Thank you!

  23. Hey Charles, amazing theme. Thank you so much for offering a truly great free business theme for WordPress. I have a question about the theme. It may be a simple question or it may have been asked before, I am not sure. Is it possible to turn OFF the search function and icon?

  24. Just one more question, is there a way to delete or replace the small ‘fork and knife’ icon that appears on the menu pages? thanks

  25. Is there a way to add links to the images of the home page slider? I’d like to create slides that link to direct posts

  26. Hello!

    Great theme, very user friendly. I have just one question. My search icon/function doesn’t seem to be working right/is pulling up weird results. I was looking to just get rid of the search icon and feature all together, however I can’t seem to get it to leave!

  27. Currently my websites do not have FTP access to them. How can I download the Restaurateur Menu Item CPT plugin so I can install it manually? I searched the WordPress library and only saw a plugin for online ordering which I do not want to implement right now.

    • Hi Gary, how did you install the Restaurateur theme? If you don’t have FTP access I presume you did this via the WordPress admin without needing FTP access yes? Assuming so then you can do the same with the Menu Item CPT. When you install the theme it prompts you to install the plugin. Just follow the prompts and you will be able to install it right from the admin.

  28. I downloaded the theme directly on the webserver and extracted it into the themes folder. However in the dashboard Appearance/Install Plugins it will only allow me to install the plugin via FTP. This is where my problem is as I don’t have FTP access on this server so I want to download the Restaurateur Menu Item CPT plugin and manually install it.

    • Righto. I’d ask your host to help you set the file permissions for your WP install so to make it easy to install and update themes and plugins via the admin. Will definitely make life easier. In any event you actually have the plugin already as it is bundled with the theme. Look in …/wp-content/themes/restaurateur/library/plugin/ You’ll find a zip file of the plugin there. Unzip this and move it to the plugins folder then activate via the admin.

  29. Found it right where you said it was, unpacked it and moved it to the plugins folder. Activated and it works like a charm. Thank you so much for your assistance!

  30. Hello there, I am setting up a bilingual website and using qtranslate plugin. I need to set the language option buttons right next to social media icons at the top right corner. Does anyone how to do this?

  31. Hi. I want to have a few different header images created for the home page slider but i”m not sure what an ideal size would be to tell my graphic designer. When I use the header he first gave me the image looks too stretched out. Thanks!

  32. Hi. I wanted to have a few different header images designed for the Home page slider but not sure what size to tell my designer. When I use my current header there now it has a stretched out look…so I would like more accurate sizing if possible. Thanks.
    Also, is it possible to add a gallery of images (not for the slider) onto the home page? I tried to add an image gallery to the bottom of the home shows up on my dashboard view but not on the site?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Natalie, unfortunately no that won’t work as the home page template looks for a gallery to use as the slider. This would need some template code customization to work. You can of course add more images to the slider gallery.

    • HI Dave, there is no admin setting for fonts. You’ll need to get your hands dirty in the CSS (style.css). When customizing the theme like this you must also set up the theme as a child first so that future updates don’t overwrite your local customizations.

  33. Nevermind, I figured it out!

    Pictures that I was uploading to media were becoming attached to the home page. I installed an unattach plugin and was able to unattach the photos without permanently deleting them.

  34. Hey KJ, the other thing you can do to control the home page slider is embed a regular WordPress gallery into the page. The template first looks for a gallery and if it finds one it will use those images for the slider…a much better way to manage the slider which we introduced to solve the problem of image attachment :)

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