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Unashamedly inspired by Pinterest, PinBlack is a new theme which is perfect for photo and product style bogs where the posts are represented on the home and archive pages as thumbnails. The theme is responsive to browser size and will adjust accordingly. Of course it also supports custom menus and all the usual core WordPress features. Posts and static pages have a right aligned sidebar.

If you like the PinBlack theme you might be interested in the custom variation we did for – Hit us up if you are interested in something like this for your own site.

UPDATE 26/6/12 – An update to PinBlack was just accepted to the WordPress directory. The update fixes a problem the theme had with resizing in IE and on the iPad.

3 comments on “PinBlack Theme
  1. I and seemingly hundreds of others are having a problem with this theme, a “loading” behind the front page posts (in my case category since I have a static front) – there seems to be no plugin relation…

    • HI Jen, can you explain your problem with some more details? I am not sure what you mean. Also can you tell me where I can see the hundreds of other reports of this problem. I havn’t seen those. Thanks.

    • Same problem here … “Loading” text and a spinning loading graphic behind the front page posts. I’m in a local dev environment (MAMP) so not sure if that’s an issue.

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