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Newsworthy is a colorful and light blog style theme, perfect for a personal blog or local news site. It supports all the usual features including widgets and custom menus, and has a handy full width template for static page content. Download at the link above from the theme directory.

UPDATE: As of May 2nd, Newsworthy is also available for users here.

Developed for Newsworthy.

2 comments on “Newsworthy Theme
  1. Hello! I’ve been using Newsworthy for about a year now and I’m wondering if I could do more to ‘pep it up’? I like Newsworthy because I’ve gotten compliments and it’s easy for me to understand. Could you give me an honest/critical opinion about what I’ve done? Thanks a lot :)

    • Hi Patricia, glad to hear you have had some good comments on the theme. I’m not sure what else you can do to be honest, the site looks great. To be clear we don’t control the version of the theme you are using. We released and manage the version on for people self hosting their own sites. (who host your site) took our theme, customized it a little to suit their purposes and maintain it for people using We are very happy for them to do this, but we don’t have any control over the code or maintenance of the theme.

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