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WordPress Form Plugins

best wordpress forms plugin

Forms are an important part of any website. Whether you just need a humble contact form or something more sophisticated, perhaps a quote request form or some other custom information capture, the chances are you need a form of some kind on your site. Continue reading

How to Implement Faceted Search with FacetWP

Anyone who’s ever used WordPress knows that its default search is not ideal. And a sidebar of Recent Posts, Categories, and Tags doesn’t make your full catalog of content easily searchable. If you’ve been busy publishing posts then the chances of all of them fitting into the sidebar are slim. Searching content becomes difficult for your visitors. Continue reading

5 Free and Premium Plugins to Generate Professional Invoices

If you are operating a business online using WordPress, you’ll need an invoicing system to automate the estimation and billing process for your team members and clients.

There are several free invoicing tools available on the Web, but none of them will integrate with your WordPress site and generate automatic invoices for your clients based on the orders they’ve submitted. In this article, I’m going to run the rule over some of the best free and premium plugins that will help you create professional invoices. Let’s begin… Continue reading

Best Responsive Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

With over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s important to make your site responsive.  Allowing your site’s visitors to share your posts on their social media platforms easily will boost traffic to your site and get you more publicity. A catchy set of sharing buttons will help you do just that by encouraging your site’s visitors to share your content, but not all social share plugins are responsive… Continue reading

So You Want to Learn 3D Animation

3d animation school

Well this is something a bit different. We’re amateur 3D animators here at WP Dev Shed and our own interest lead us to think that maybe some of you might also be interested to learn more. The focus of this article is all the best places online to learn 3D animation and visual effects. Enjoy… Continue reading

The Problem with Free WordPress Hosting

free wordpress hosting

Maybe you own a small business or you’re a newbie to blogging and have thought about starting your first online blog. It sounds exciting getting to talk about your services, blog about things that you’re interested in and advertise your products for sale to the world. You might also be tempted to start your first blog with a free host such as After all, it’s just a test and you don’t really want to commit to a paid host, makes sense right? No, not really, and you’ll see why in a minute. Continue reading