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Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate & Property Sites

real estate wordpress themes

If you are in the property and real estate business then you're very well served by the WordPress developer community. There are many brilliant off-the-shelf real estate WordPress themes to choose from, and many offer advanced functions like IDX integration and advanced page builders for the ultimate in customization. Continue reading

The Best Church WordPress Themes

If you’re currently shopping around for the best theme to build your church website, look no further. These are eight of the best WordPress themes for churches and religious groups, to suit a range of needs and budgets (there's some free options here too)…

Continue reading

How to Maximise Page Views on Your Site

increase page views

Nearly half of the internet users out there expect your site to load in 2 seconds or less. If it doesn’t load in that much time, they’ll lose interest in it and click the Back button – every webmaster’s nightmare. Having your site’s visitors bounce has a butterfly effect regardless of the niche you’re in. Decrease in viewers leads to fewer subscriptions which results in less shared content (or a lost in sales for e-commerce sites). Continue reading

WordPress Form Plugins

best wordpress forms plugin

Forms are an important part of any website. Whether you just need a humble contact form or something more sophisticated, perhaps a quote request form or some other custom information capture, the chances are you need a form of some kind on your site. Continue reading

How to Implement Faceted Search with FacetWP

Anyone who’s ever used WordPress knows that its default search is not ideal. And a sidebar of Recent Posts, Categories, and Tags doesn't make your full catalog of content easily searchable. If you’ve been busy publishing posts then the chances of all of them fitting into the sidebar are slim. Searching content becomes difficult for your visitors. Continue reading