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Searching for an Eco-friendly web host?

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It's funny to think that in less than 20 years the internet has gone from a curiosity used only by academics and hardcore geeks to an indispensable tool that most of us can't imagine living without. I mean honestly, what did we do before there was the internet? There is barely a single business, industry or job that hasn't been transformed by it, and if you are reading this then there's a good chance you even have you own personal website. Continue reading

Rich Snippets Plugins

Rich snippets are those additional elements that make your listing stand out in the search results. You know, the star ratings, prices, and additional details that often show up these days as you search Google. Continue reading

Sticky Header Plugins for Improved Navigation

sticky header plugins

Sticky headers are becoming increasingly popular. You've no doubt seen them in action…you know, the header that pins itself to the top of the browser window as you scroll down the page. The benefit of course is quick and easy access to the sites main nav without having to scroll back up to the top of the page.

In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of fixed headers and check out some of the best sticky header plugins to help you implement them on your own site. Continue reading

The Best eCommerce Plugins

ecommerce plugins wordpress

After careful consideration and research, you’ve decided that you want to start selling online. You’ve got some products in place, decided WordPress is the best platform to go with and even laid out a flawless business plan to follow. Now you need to take some practical steps to implement ecommerce capabilities on your site which raises the obvious question, what plugin(s) should you use?

In this article, we’ll run the rule over some of the leading e-commerce plugins to point you in the right direction and help you set up your online store in a jiffy. Continue reading

4 Editorial Calendar Plugins for a Post-Filled 2016


Blogging is incredibly valuable – but you already knew that. After all, that’s why you have a blog in the first place.

Editorial calendars enable webmasters to establish a regular workflow and overlook the entire scheduling process without having to leave the WordPress dashboard. In this post, we’ll run the rule over some of the best editorial calendar plugins for a post-filled year. Continue reading

Beginners Guide to A/B Testing with WordPress


Even if your WordPress site was built by professional developers and designers, there’s a fair chance that it has some elements of its design here and there that are costing you more than you think. It's not a question of bad design, it is simply that optimizing for conversion is as much science as it is art, and sometimes the best converting design is not the most obvious. Continue reading

What WordPress Theme is That?

what wordpress theme is that

If you’re building your own website or blog, choosing the right theme can be a big decision – after all, your theme provides the backbone for the look, feel and functionality of your site. Continue reading